Tentative mtDNA Connection to Martha Marston and Joshua Lewis of Virginia

*Unconfirmed on paper as of Oct 16, 2017*

Just saying.  We have two perfect mitochondrial DNA matches.  One connected my furthest known maternal line ancestor, Sarah Evans, to her parents Henry Evans and Sarah Hayes by way of her sister Nancy Evans of Northampton County, North Carolina (Nancy married Elijah Gumbs Boon).  I just need to figure out the parents of Sarah Hayes who was likely born in Virginia, particularly her mother.

The second connection is through Mildred “Millie” Lewis b. 1738 d. 1801, wife of Daniel Drewry/Drury, both of Virginia. Her parents were Joshua Lewis and Martha Marston.  Given the DNA evidence, I have a strong hunch these families are connected through the maternal line even though I don’t have quite enough of a paper trail yet to firmly connect them.  I just need to figure out a daughter who could have been the mother of Sarah Hayes.

Children of Joshua Lewis and Martha Marston (from Marston Book/Marston Plantation by Barry Lee Marston):

  • James Lewis, b. 05 Sep 1726; d. 1815
  • Anne Lewis, b. 08 Nov 1727; d. 1727
  • Edmund Lewis, b. 20 Jan 1728/29
  • Joanna Lewis, b. 1730; m. John Vaughn; d. 1797
  • CATHERINE LEWIS, b. 1732; m. WILLIAM HAYES; d. 1789
  • Sarah Lewis, b. 1734
  • Martha Lewis, b. 1736; d. 1788
  • Mildred Lewis, b. 1738; d. 1801 (married Daniel Drewry)

Marston Book

It is important to note Joshua Lewis and Martha Marston’s son James Lewis eventually ends up in Northampton NC with his family (from the Genealogy Web Page for Charles E. Lewis: Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales):

Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

I would love to know more about Judie King of Texas and her letter #293!

WGT mtDNA Match
Our 2nd mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) match that links our maternal line to Mildred Lewis through her sister Catherine Lewis, and ultimately Martha Marston and her mysterious mother Ann, wife of John Marston.

The Southside Virginian on Internet Archive Volume 2

Volume 2 Number 1

  • Nottoway Indian Census, Southampton County 1808
  • Two Dinwiddie County Wills
  • Amelia County Insolvent Militia Fines
  • Princess Anne County Deed Book No. 5, 1735-1740
  • Certificates of Allegiance
  • Records of a Sussex County Family, 1745-1845
  • Tombstones, “The Oaks”, Brunswick County
  • Chesterfield Tithables, 1756
  • Charlotte County Powers of Attorney, 1797-1830
  • Southampton County Insolvent Lists, 1807
  • Unrecorded Deeds from Isle of Wight County, 1770-1797
  • Interments in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia

Volume 2 Number 2

  • Sussex County Will Book A
  • Prince Edward County Deed Book 8, 1788-1790
  • Certificate of Allegiance, Amelia County
  • Surry County Militia Fines
  • Unrecorded Southampton County Deeds
  • Southampton County Residents from Nansemond County
  • Some Edmunds Heirs
  • Chesterfield Tithables, 1756
  • Interments in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg
  • A Gardner Family of Southampton County
  • The Tobacco Plant

Volume 2 Number 3

  • Losses to the British in Nansemond County, 1782
  • Vick Family Register
  • Some Burned County Wills
  • Cumberland County Tithable Lists for 1759
  • Southampton County Insolvent Lists 1818, 1819
  • Halifax County Powers of Attorney, 1752-1811
  • Family Record of Dr. Henry Lewis of Brunswick County
  • Brunswick County Undecided Chancery Causes
  • Marriages from Amelia County Fee Books
  • Sussex County Will Book A
  • Mecklenburg County Chancery Suits

Volume 2 Number 4

  • Some Robert Chappels of Amelia and Lunenburg Counties
  • Cumberland Tithables, 1759
  • Losses to the British in Nansemond County
  • The Tobacco Plant
  • Some Unrecorded Pittsylvania County Marriage Bonds, 1810
  • Interments in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg
  • Unrecorded Southampton County Deeds
  • Lunenburg County Militia Fines

The Southside Virginian on Internet Archive Volume 1

Volume 1 Number 1

  • Brunswick County Will Book 2
  • Amelia County Tithable List for 1737
  • Urquhart Family Cemetery, Southampton County
  • Account Book of Estates put into the Hands of the Sheriff’s Office, Nansemond County, 1840-1845
  • Registers of Births and Deaths of William Browne and Ann his wife of “Cedar Fields”, Surry County
  • Some Importations from Lunenburg County Order Books
  • Wills from Southampton County Loose Papers
  • Removals from Delinquent Tax Lists
  • Greensville County Powers of Attorney
  • Black Creek Baptist Church, Southampton County, Register of Births

Volume 1 Number 2

  • Halifax County Will Book O
  • Interments in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia
  • Camden Parish, Pittsylvania County, A List of Indentures
  • Lawrence Family of Nansemond County
  • Memorandum of the Age of the Children of Timothy Tharp and Martha his wife
  • Southampton County Marriages
  • The Watkins Family
  • Removals from Insolvent Lists of Amelia County
  • Nottoway County Powers of Attorney
  • Chesterfield County Militia Fines
  • Isle of Wight County Marriages from Land Tax Books, 1821-1829
  • Chesterfield Tithables 1756
  • A Copy from the Register of Benjamin Lewis, Sr.
  • Certificates of Allegiance

Volume 1 Number 3

  • Norfolk County Guardian Bonds, 1751-1761
  • Briery Presbyterian Church Session Book
  • Clack Robinson Family Bible
  • Isle of Wight County Marriages from Land Tax Books, 1821-1829
  • Removals from Amelia County Insolvent Lists, 1750
  • Interments in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia
  • Bible of John Limbrey Wilkins of Brunswick County, Virginia
  • Militia Fines for Henry County for 1821, Recorded 1822
  • Halifax County Will Book O
  • Ages and Birth Dates, Southampton County
  • Meade Family of Amelia County

Volume 1 Number 4

  • Henry County Powers of Attorney, 1806-1823
  • Interments in Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia
  • Brunswick County Militia Fines
  • Removals from Sussex County Militia Fines
  • Norfolk County Guardian Bonds, 1751-1761
  • Powhatan County Insolvents and Removals
  • Buckingham County Probate Records
  • A Williamsburg Will
  • The Rideout Family
  • Princess Anne County Deed Book No. 5, 1735-1740

Evans 1789 Personal Tax List Greensville County Virginia

Tax list from Binns Genealogy (“1790” Census, reconstructed.  Index)

People listed on the 1790 marriage record:

Henry Evans

Evans 1789 Personal A Tax List
Henry Evans on the 1789 tax list in Greensville County, Virginia. I don’t know who either William Evans are just yet. Could be of interest.


John Goodwyn

John Goodwyn 1789 Personal Tax List A
John Goodwyn, the bondsman, on the 1789 tax list in Greensville County, Virginia.
Esau and Armistead Goodwyn 1789 Tax List B
Esau Goodwyn and Armistead Goodwyn, possibly related to the bondsman John Goodwyn. Tax List 1789 Greensville County, Virginia.


J. Parks

J Parks 1789 Personal Tax list A
Could be one of these J Parks that was the witness.


William Andrews

William Andrews 1789 Tax List A
Possibly William Andrews, the Methodist minister in Greensville County, Virginia.

Evans Family of Northampton County New Lead

About a year ago we received our first mtDNA match, a descendant of Nancy Evans of Northampton County, North Carolina who married Elijah Gums Boon and moved to Missouri.  Since then we’ve also received a match who is a descendant of Martha Marston through her daughter Mildred “Millie” Lewis.

I’ve been looking for a way the families paths could have crossed and think it may have been in Virginia.  I’ll get back to this point later.

The first match, Nancy’s descendant, mentioned a letter from her maternal line ancestor, Nancy Morrison (married Samuel Mize) from 1910.  The letter states, “you want to know about Grand Mother [sic], her maiden name was Evans, her mother’s name was Sarah Hayes.  Grand Mother was born in 1795, her father was a soldier in the Revolutionary war…”

Nancy Morrison Mize letter 1910
Excerpt from Nancy (Morrison) Mize’s letter about her grandmother Nancy Evans. She states Nancy was born in 1795, and that her mother was a woman named Sarah Hayes. The identity of Sarah Hayes’ husband is not revealed, although we know he is an Evans. This letter was found at, on cousin match (moderate) and user RossEddy1’s family tree. I am not the owner of this letter.

Credit to RossEddy1 for the family letter on Ancestry.

Since I didn’t find mention of Henry Evans prior to 1810 in Northampton County, North Carolina so I spoke with a local professional genealogist at the McClelland Irish Library.  She told me to keep an open mind and also search Virginia records since Northampton was on the highly porous border.  She also told me to search for marriage records for Sarah Hayes, which I finally did today.

Greensville County Marriages page 25
From microfilm of the book “Register of Marriages, Greensville County, Virginia1781-1853” page 25 near the bottom, “Evans Henry and Salley Hayes 21 Sep 1790”

From microfilm of the book “Register of Marriages, Greensville County, Virginia1781-1853” page 25 near the bottom, “Evans Henry and Salley Hayes 21 Sep 1790; b- John Goodwyn wit- J Parks min-William Andrews (Methodist) 30Sep1790

Page 25 also mentions a couple from Northampton County getting married in Greensville County, so there’s that.

Now, this part is just speculation, but I couldn’t help notice Greensville County isn’t terribly far from Isle of Wight County.  According to online trees (I know, I know), Darling Drewry/Drury’s mother Mildred Lewis was born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

Virginia Counties
Greensville County (top) Isle of Wight County

Martha Marston Christ Church Parish Middlesex Virginia


I still don’t know how Henry Evans and Darling Drewry, both of Northampton County, NC knew each other.  There must be a family connection though, because Nancy Evans, Sarah Evans, and Darling Drewry’s sister Mary “Polly” Drewry all had the same exact and uncommon mitochondrial DNA sequence. For now, I’m skipping over Henry Evans just because I’m curious about the new match.

I copied the newest mitochondrial match’s FTDNA family tree to Ancestry without knowing said match had a larger tree there already.  We’ll call the match W.  Having only the generations that W’s tree included on FTDNA, I ended the maternal line with a woman named Martha Marston b.1702 d.1788 who married Joshua Lewis 7 October 1725 Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, Virginia.

While I was searching for Martha Marston (sometimes Martha Marsden on other trees), I noticed a tree run by J.  J’s picture caught my eye because it looked familiar.

J Family Tree
Martha Marston 1702-1788 in J’s Ancestry family tree. I recognized J’s profile photo even though he is not an Ancestry DNA match to my mother or maternal uncle.


Turns out J is listed as a Family Finder match to my grandmother Dolores Romero at Family Tree DNA.  He is shown as a possible 3rd cousin match, but just by looking at the match in chromosome browser you can see it is definitely more distant. Still, he was one of those distant matches that I had no idea how we were related to him.

JD Dolores Romero match

J Dolores Romero Chromosome Browser
J is a distant cousin to my grandmother Dolores Romero at Family Tree DNA. I didn’t know how he might be related but putting the mitochondrial DNA match to one of his foremothers, Martha Marston, may have answered the question.


Anyway, I continued searching for Martha Marston’s parents when I came across W’s family tree, which was extended beyond what is shown at Family Tree DNA.  So far no one knows much about Martha’s mother, Ann, wife of John Marston 1676-1729.

Dolores Romero mtDNA match WGT

Aus Ancestry Tree WGT


New mtDNA match from Northampton County NC

I knew my Sarah Evans, who married William Brummet in Chariton County, Missouri 1827, was originally from North Carolina because of the 1850 Census (Livingston County, MO).  Thanks to our first mtDNA match we learned Sarah Evans went to Missouri from Northampton County, North Carolina with her (very likely) elder sister Nancy Evans.

Nancy Evans married Elijah Gumbs Boon in 1814 before leaving Northampton County, NC.  Their children were Mary Magdalene, Henry, Presley, Nicholas, Harriet, Mildred, Clifton, Nancy, Sarah, James, and Elizabeth Boon.  Henry Evans was the bondsman.

The new mtDNA match descended from Polly Drury, mother of Martha, Drewry, Newitt, and Mildred Harris of Northampton County, North Carolina.  John Harris is the father of the children, he names them in his will. Additionally, John Harris (son-in-law) and Darling Drury (son) are named executors of Milly Warr’s will in 1801 (Mildred Lewis of Isle of Wight County, Virgina, wife of Daniel Drury then wife of James Warr).

Milly Drury Warr Will.jpg

North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998 from Ancestry: Wills; Author: North Carolina. County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (Northampton County); Probate Place: Northampton, North Carolina

So now we know Polly Drury had a brother named Darling Drury, their mother was Mildred Lewis of Isle of Wight County, Virginia (this supports my Sarah “Sally” Hayes Virginia origin theory).

I saw that Henry Evans purchased one sow and six “piggs” from Darling Drury’s estate upon his death and wondered if that had any significance.  According to the FamilySearch Wiki U.S. Probate Records Class Handout:

  • Bills of Sale: During probate, it may have been necessary to sell parts of the estate in order to pay creditors, to provide support for the widow and minor children, or to distribute the property of an estate. This was done by public auction. The final bills of sale from these auctions were filed with the court. Bills of sale listed the names of individuals who purchased items at the auction. These individuals are often relatives, friends, and neighbors of the deceased person.
Darling Drewry estate sale Henry Evens
Sale of the Estate of Darling Drury (Darling Drewry) 1810 Northampton County, North Carolina. Henry Evans purchased one sow and six pigs.