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Ethnic Studies Meeting & All Night Vigil Tomorrow

The “special meeting” will be closed to the public, which I’m sure violates Arizona Revised Statutes 431.01(A):

“All meetings of any public body shall be public meetings and all persons so desiring shall be permitted to attend and listen to the deliberations and proceedings.” A.R.S. § 38-431.01(A).

H/T to Three Sonorans for digging that one up.  Read his article here.


I just stumbled upon Dr. Cintli blog; one entry describes the arrests that occurred the evening of May 3rd:

At this meeting, seven people were arrested for the criminal act of attempting to speak to the board. One elderly and disabled professor, Lupe Castillo, 69, was arrested by some 20 helmeted and shielded officers for attempting to read ”A Letter from the Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr. The others arrestees were [secretly] sent to two jails before they were booked and released. In the action inside, dozens of riot squad police physically threw other people out the building, including elders, this while hundreds of MAS supporters outside stood their ground. Then later, the violence, caught on videotape, started behind the building. Police officers in full riot gear began throwing young students, parents and other community members around like rag dolls. Officially, the officers did a great job, commended by the chief of police.

I know professor Lupe through No More Deaths.  She is a strong supporter of the immigrants rights movement and attends the Migrant Trail Walk every year even though she is physically unable to walk far.  She helps with driving a van full of supplies when she isn’t able to walk any further.

I think it’s on the 5th day of the walk, on the BLM land I like to call the Devil’s Armpit, she is joined by Margo Cowan (who does the whole walk; she is awesome) and Isabel Garcia.  The three women give a mini lecture on the history and militarization of the U.S./Mexico border.  While many of the people who do the walk are already familiar with this history, they present it in such an engaging way that you learn something new every time and the discussion afterwards is lively.  To read about how Lupe and the others were treated really pissed me off.

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My Birthday Wish: No More Deaths

Facebook has this cool Causes application that allows you to raise money for your favorite cause by soliciting donations for your birthday;  I did it once a couple of years back (when I was more social, haha) and was surprised to accumulate about $95 for my cause.  I’m doing it again this year for the same cause, No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes which provides direct aid in the desert for migrants crossing the borderlands on foot.  I used to do the summer patrols in Southern AZ and encountered numerous migrants before I met DH so I was very surprised when he told me that’s how he and his family came into the U.S.

I figured he’s white so he must have had a visa and overstayed.  I was wrong.  It scares me to think how easily they could have been hurt or gotten lost like many people do.  DH’s mom began to worry about how little water they had and they fell behind the main group.  Their coyote left them, he wasn’t much help anyway and they suspected he had very little experience crossing the desert.  Still, he could have threatened them or hurt them but he didn’t.  He did leave them, which is a death sentence for countless migrants whose bodies are later found by No More Deaths volunteers.

So DH’s family decided to find the main road and flag down help.  They were found by a border patrol agent who assumed they were having car problems and didn’t suspect they had just crossed the border on foot.  DH’s dad told the agent the whole story; the agent took them into custody and they were later released (after a lot of legal maneuvering) to pursue an asylum case.  Isn’t it strange how life works out?

Anyway, I wanted to hit you up for money for my birthday.  Will you please donate to No More Deaths? Thank you.

At a migrant center set up to service those who are just deported to Mexico.

Please share this post.  Thanks again.