Mom’s Shared Ancestor Hints and NADs

Because I should probably write something every once in a while.

She has 11 Shared Ancestor Hints:

  • Two share Candelario Garza Martinez and Felicitas Cantú
    • Candelario Garza Martinez born about 1834 in Santiago, Nuevo León, Mexico to Froilan de la Garza and Rita Martinez
    • We don’t know when or where Felicitas Cantú was born, but the couple ended up in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico as seen on my ancestor Francisca Garza’s baptism record.
    • One match is a known cousin, the other through the couple’s daughter, Candelaria Garza.
  • Three share Maria Guadalupe Martín, and only Maria Guadalupe Martín because each is listed with a different husband and children.
Manuel Urioste.jpg
In our tree: This is from the book New Mexico Marriages, Santa Fe, St. Francis Church/Cathedral January 1858 to October 1889 published by the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico 2002.  It shows Manuel Urioste’s wife Maria Guadalupe Martín has died so he goes on to marry Maria Felipe Montoya.  Manuel Urioste and Maria Guadalupe Martín’s sons Feliz Urioste and Aniceto Urioste were the witnesses.

New Mexico Marriages, Santa Fe, St. Francis Church/Cathedral January 1858 to October 1889 a publication by the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico 2002.

My son and I in front of St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2016
  • FINALLY one descendant of William Brummet and Sarah Evans through their daughter Susan Frances Brummitt.
    • Susan Frances Brummitt was born 1836 in Grundy County, Missouri and married John William Karr in 1857.
  • Two share Juan Ygnacio Armijo and Maria Eulalia Sandoval
    • We don’t know where Juan Ygnacio Armijo or Maria Eulalia Sandoval were born, but their son (our ancestor) Ruperto Armijo was born in 1826 in Pena Blanca, Sandoval County, New Mexico.
    • One match is through their son Antonio Armijo born about 1834, the other is through their daughter Maria Estefanita Armijo born about 1822.
  • The last three have private trees so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mom is up to three New Ancestor Discoveries who I thought maybe could bee in-laws but so far I haven’t been able to place them.

  • Richard Scott and Rebecca Ann Cooper
    • Richard Scott was born in 1807 in Virginia.
    • He married Rebecca Ann Cooper in Virginia 1838.
  • James Harris born about 1811 in Bedford County, Virginia [ Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 on Ancestry]


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Thomas Benton Brummett

Or however his last name is spelled.  I copied and pasted this paragraph from a post I made elsewhere.  Thanks to users momworldorder and margos1776 for sharing their lovely family photos.

This is Beatrice Ortega. Her maternal grandmother was Mary Ann Brummett of Livingston County, Missouri. The gentleman is Thomas Benton Brummett, one of the few Brummetts I have seen a picture of so far. I’m sure I’m researching the correct family because of their similarities! Thomas Benton Brummett was Beatrice Ortega’s maternal grand-uncle. It was because Thomas named one of his daughters Sarah Evans Brummett in honor of his mother that I was able to confirm Sarah Evans as my 5th great grandmother. He’s one of those ancestors who stands out; I think he wanted us to know of him and his family and I’m very grateful for it.



The Mystery of Sarah Jane Taylor: Let’s Review

The professional genealogist I am working with, Ms.Deborah, sent me a list of questions for clarification in my search for the parents of Sarah Evans (Sarah Jane Taylor’s maternal grandmother) and I thought our correspondence would make a great review of the information we have so far.  I began with an email from the top of my head to inform Ms. Deborah of what I know:

“My ancestor James Taylor was the father of my 3rd great grandmother Sarah Jane Taylor.  For years I struggled to find her father because her death certificate said he was John Taylor from Iola, Kansas [Edit: this info was wrong, her DC clearly states James was her father].  Long story short, one day I finally found a book with some information about him including the name of his first wife who was Sarah Jane’s mother, Mary Ann Brummitt.

I’ve included James and Mary Ann’s marriage record.
I searched the 1850 census and came to the conclusion that William Brummett and his wife Sarah must have been Mary Ann’s parents because the families are all living close to each other and I didn’t see another Brummett family in the area.
On the 1850 census it says William Brummet is from Virginia and Sarah is from North Carolina [Edit: see above link].
I looked in Livingston County for a record of marriage, didn’t find one, but found one in Chariton County for William Brummett and Sallie Evans in 1827 [Edit: see link above].
I haven’t found and record of Sarah Evans in Chariton County prior to 1827.  I suspect she was not William Brummett’s first wife based on their age differences.  I have seen that she died 14 March 1873 and is buried in Dockery Cemetery, Livingston County, MO. Someone on facebook said the cemetery is on a private farm but that the family allows visitors if they get advanced notice.  He did not have their contact info.
I have searched for an obituary or death notice, The Missouri State Historical Society has informed me that “Unfortunately no information was found pertaining to your research request (obituary/death announcement for Sarah/Sally Brummett). The following newspapers were searched:  Chillicothe Constitution, Trenton Republican, Gallatin North Missourian.”

Sarah Evans’ and William Brummett’s children were:

Mary Ann married Taylor born about 1831

Eliza Jane married Wilson 1833-1885

Susan Francis married Karr 1836-1912

Henry Clark Brummitt 1837-1907

James Brummitt 1840-?

William W. Brummett 1843-1903

Elijah Brumet 1845-?

John Brummett 1847-1914

Thomas Benton Brummitt (who had a daughter he named Sarah Evans Brummit, so sweet) 1849-1933

Sarah F. married Rusler 1852-1919

I ordered the Family Group Sheet from Yates publishing against my better judgement, but didn’t really learn anything new.  I didn’t write to any of the people who submitted because I figured by now they probably don’t live at those addresses anymore.

Additionally, I have my mother’s DNA with 23andMe and mine and my grandmother’s at Family Tree DNA, autosomal and mitochondrial.  I have enclosed her mitochondrial match and ancestral match list just so you can get an idea of how frustrated I am.  I think mitochondrial DNA could really help me out if I could identify who Sarah Evans’ mother may have been and worked forward to a living maternal descendant.”

Ms. Deborah then sent a list of questions.
Q: I am looking at the info. on the DNA matches correctly, that there were no matches?
A: There were no mitochondrial (maternal line) DNA matches! [Family Tree DNA]
Q: Where does the date of death for Mary Ann Taylor come from (1856-59)?  In the county history it states she died about 1864.
A: My date of death for Mary Ann comes from the estimated birth year of her daughter Sarah Jane Taylor which was about 1855 and that James Taylor was remarried by 1860 to his 2nd wife Geraldine Dennison.  Their son Samuel G. Taylor was born about 1858 as well so I assumed the book was wrong.  Also my ancestor Sarah Jane Taylor was about 5 on the 1860 census and is with her father James and stepmother Geraldine so I figured her mother Mary Ann was dead.The line of descent which I should have told you from the beginning is me-> April Sauceda-> Dolores Romero (the home person on my tree)-> Ramona Ortega-> Sarah Jane Taylor-> Mary Ann Brummett-> Sarah Evans if I am correct.
Q: Did you notice on the family group sheets you sent (there were 25 of them) had two for William Brummitt and Sarah Evans, but neither listed Mary Ann as a child?  Are you a descendant of Mary Ann Brummitt Taylor?  (Just want to make sure we have Mary Ann connected to the correct parents.)
A: I didn’t rely on anyone’s research for most of this line, Mary Ann only had 3 children, of which only one (Sarah Jane my 3rd great grandmother) survived to have children of her own so I’m not surprised no one else knew about her.  My branch of the family split quite radically and went to New Mexico.  Sarah Jane was in Colorado with her father James, met Dionicio Ortega somehow, and went to New Mexico to get married.  I connected Mary Ann to Sarah Evans and William Brummet by way of the 1850 census.  Mary Ann is living with her husband James Taylor.  Both the Taylor and Brummett families are close by.  I believe I sent you the 3 pages of the 1850 census in question.  There weren’t any other Brummets in the county and the DAR genealogist I was working with approved this connection.  I would be very interested if you came up with an alternative conclusion.

Probate and Update(s)

How do you like the new look?  I felt the old blog was a little too busy.

I did that thing again in which I put off writing so now I have a billion little things to talk about so I don’t know where to start.

I received Joseph Evans’ probate when I was hoping to receive a will.  It wasn’t very helpful.

I received and sent back the Genes For Good spit kit!  That was exciting.

I have sent off for a copy of a deed in Livingston County, Missouri for William Brummett and his wife Sarah Evans.  I’m not really sure what I think this record will show me other than my desperation to snap up any and all documents relating to these families.

After staring at my tree for what felt like hours I decided to go ahead and order the Family Group Sheet for the Brummetts because it is the index-only record that pops up showing Sarah Evans’ and William Brummett’s birth states. I figure since it matches their information on the 1850 census it was worth a try.  Maybe there will be some great hints, maybe it will be like casting Runes.  Good times.

I have a picture I received along with Sarah Jane Taylor’s other photos that I don’t know why I didn’t share.  Sarah Jane Taylor and Dionisio Ortega are not in this particular photo but I am sure the people are their children (first and second row) and some of their grandchildren (third row).  I am particularly drawn to Beatrice Ortega and the young woman standing on the right.  There is a reticence about her that reminds me of the photos of my 2nd great grandmother Ramona Ortega,  I can’t be sure who the young woman is.


Update October 2016: This line is wrong.  See Sarah Evans Mitochondrial DNA Test I think I’m beginning to understand triangulation. Bear with me.  Grandma has a few DNA matches that I believe are related to Sarah Evans/the Evans family and one match that is a definite Sauer.  Playing around with the chromosome browser I realized that there is overlap between one of the matches that I believe is related to the Evans family (orange) and the Sauer match (blue). They also match each other which is very important.  That suggests they received the same segments from a common ancestor.  Who was that ancestor?  I don’t know, the ancestor could have been 6 generations ago or more.  For grandma that would have been Sarah Evan’s mother (who I believe is Mary L. Ann Sauer/Anna Maria Sauer) or beyond.

Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Joseph Evans probate
Beatrice Ortega, daughter of Sarah Jane Taylor and Dionisio Ortega with other unidentified Ortegas.  I think they are Sarah Jane's and Dionisio's other children (1st and 2nd rows) and some grandchildren (3rd row).
Beatrice Ortega, daughter of Sarah Jane Taylor and Dionisio Ortega with other unidentified Ortegas. I think they are Sarah Jane’s and Dionisio’s other children (1st and 2nd rows) and some grandchildren (3rd row).

A Gift from Mrs. Evans

Update October 2016: This line is wrong, please see Sarah Evans Mitochondrial DNA Test  Mrs. Evans is the keeper of her husband’s family tree. I sent her a message at after I saw that she might know more about William Brummet and Sarah Evans. She invited me to her tree and while I haven’t fully examined the tree so I really shouldn’t get too excited, the maternal line goes from North Carolina to Germany.  This would explain this:


The Mystery of Sarah Jane Taylor: 1860 Census, Shelby Missouri and a Round Up

Ben sent me the 1860 census for Salt River Township, Shelby County, Missouri.  Thank you Ben!

James Taylor's family 1860
James Taylor’s family 1860

We see James (J.W.) is a carpenter,  is already married to Geraldine Dennisson, and only Isaiah and Jane are listed from his marriage to Mary A. Bromett.  The History of Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas mention a third child who was deceased at the time the book was written (as was Isaiah, Sarah Jane Taylor being the only child of Mary A. Bromett who was alive) so I assume the child was likely already deceased.  James and Geraldine have a two year old Samuel and have James’ brother Wesley Taylor living with them.  They appear to also have a relative of Geraldine’s, Dillard Dennisson living with them as well.  The whole family is living with May Thomas, Walter? W. Simon, a lumber dealer, and William Walker, a carpenter.  Interestingly, only James is listed as having real estate, valued at $3000.

Ben also found a record of marriage for James Taylor and Geraldine Dennisson:

James Taylor and Geraldine Dennisson (2nd wife) were married July 16, 1857 also in Livingston County Missouri. This is the same county James and Mary A. Bromett were married.
James Taylor and Geraldine Dennisson (2nd wife) were married July 16, 1857 also in Livingston County Missouri. This is the same county James and Mary A. Bromett were married.

Why didn’t we know about Isaiah Taylor?  There are hints that he may have had descendants.

Why was our Sarah Jane only known as Jane?  Is this why she chose to go by the name Juanita in New Mexico?

How did Mary A. Bromett and their third child die?  When did it happen?  Where are they buried?

How did James Taylor and family eventually come to reside in Kansas?

Did Mary A. Bromett have sisters born of the same mother?  Who was her mother? When I started this search it was because I would like to trace my maternal line as far back as possible in hopes of identifying a living maternal line descendant who might agree to a mitochondrial DNA test.  I would love to find a match to confirm our line.

This is my timeline for James Taylor so far:

1830-Born in Montgomery County, Missouri

1850-Married Mary A. Bromett in Livingston County, Missouri

1852-Son Isaiah Taylor born to Mary A. Bromett

1855-Daughter Sarah Jane Taylor born to Mary A. Bromett

1857-Married to Geraldine M. Dennisson

1858-Son Samuel G. Taylor born to Geraldine M. Dennisson

1860-Living in Salt River Township, Shelby County, Missouri with family