CS_DNA AncestryDNA

My maternal uncle agreed to take an AncestryDNA test for me and it was just received by Ancestry yesterday.  The website notes that lab processing times have increased.

He is under the username CS_DNA (always google interesting matches, it’s worth a shot) and I don’t plan on filling out the tree.  His tree is the same as my mom’s “Sauceda Romero Family Tree” since they are full siblings and the link to her tree is included in his profile, anyone looking at his profile will be able to pull it up.  You can also see my tab at the top of the page “Maternal Family Tree”. When I started having family members test at Ancestry I didn’t realize you could administer multiple tests from one user account so I had a bunch of separate accounts that I have access to.

I am glad to have another child of my maternal grandmother’s test with Ancestry since I didn’t think she could produce enough saliva to take their test (she was only tested with Family Tree DNA).  I will transfer his results to FTDNA where he has Y-DNA results.

C Romero Sauceda AncestryDNA
CS_DNA’s test kit received yesterday, although Ancestry hasn’t registered the fact yet. I don’t plan on filling out his family tree but the link to his full sister’s tree is in his profile.


CSDNA Ancestry Profile
CS_DNA’s profile on Ancestry. You can copy/paste the link to his sister’s tree “Sauceda Romero Family Tree”.

“Uncle Jimmy” James Taylor

Died August 13, 1912, in Iola, Allen County, Kansas.

I received his death certificate from the Kansas Health Department today and received help finding his obituary.  I knew he was part of the IOOF in Cañon City, Colorado (his second wife Geraldine Denison and their son Samuel G. Taylor are buried in the city’s IOOF cemetery) and that he was active at some point in Iola, but it was unexpectedly relieving and heartwarming to see his funeral was well-attended by the local chapter.

James Taylor, son of Joseph Taylor and Jane Doss was born June 12, 1830, in Montgomery County, Missouri and died August 13, 1912, in Iola, Allen County, Kansas. He was Sarah Jane Taylor’s father; her mother was his first wife, Mary Ann Brummet.
James Taylor obituary in the Iola Register, August 14, 1912.
The funeral of James Taylor in the Iola Register, August 15, 1912.



DNA matches to both my mom and grandma

I see surnames/family names and places repeating, including matches on the first list (who match all three of us) but I can’t quite figure out our connection.

A.M. Long

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: James McDonald died in Pennsylvania ca. 1830’s

Maternal: Ellen Hughes b. Llandudno,Wales 1873 d. 1918 PA

Ancestral Surnames

Allen [Ellen Allen b. 1782 PA d.after 1850 Fostoria, OH], Arras [Johann Peter Arras b. Oberkainsbach, Germany b. 18], Evans [Henry born Amlwch, Wales 1786], Hughes [Ellen Hughes b. Llandudno, Wales 1873 d. PA 1918], McDonald [James McDonald born in Pennsylvania ca 1790], McPherson [William McPherson b. Inverness, Scotland 1793 d.], Price [Thomas Price b.Wales 1610 d. St. Mary’s County, M], Scharf [William Scharf b. 1769 NJ or PA d. Maryland 1840], Taylor [Richard Taylor b. England d.1729 Anne Arundel, MD], Tracey [Samuel Tracey b. England d. Anne Arundel County, M], Treusch [Anna Barbara Treusch b. Darmstadt, Germany 1834 d.?

S, McCaffrey

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Patrick McCaffrey b. 1902 d 1984

Maternal:Catherine Brides b 1909 d. 1993

Ancestral Surnames

Brides [Ireland], Kearns [Ireland], McCaffrey [Ireland]

P. Spencer

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: John Milburn, b 1863 d?

Maternal: Fanny Dunning, b? d 1841

Ancestral Surnames

Anderson [New Row Lindale, Lancashire, England], Brockbank [Stavely, Westmorland, England], Brown [England], Castleman [Ohio, Virginia], Cottom [Makersfield, Lancashire, England], Coward [Lowick, Lancashire, England], Curtis [Hebron Twnshp, Tolland, Connecticut], Dennis [Monmouth Cty., New Jersey], Douglass [Leroy, Gennesee, New York], Dunning [Shropshire, England], Fairhurst [Haydock, Lancashire, England], Grannis [New Haven, Connecticut], Greenall [Makerfield, Lancashire, England], Gutridge [HYdock, Lancashire, England], Hosea [Vermont?], Jones [Shropshire, England], Kinnee [Ontario, Canada], Manwaring [England], McAfee [Indiana], Melison [Groton Twnshp, New London, Connecticut], Milburn [St Joseph, Missouri, USA], Pearson [England], Platt [Burlington, Burlington, New Jersey], Rawes [New Row, Lindale, Lancashire, England], Relph [England], Ross [Ohio, USA], Scott [Ogden, Utah], Shaw [Hawmshead, Lancashire, England], Standish [Warwick, Lancashire, England], Thompson [Ambleside, Westmoreland, England], Whaley [Albany Co, New York], Wright [Litchfield, Connecticut]

J. L.

Most Distant Ancestors

Parmelia Coates to Ezekiel Gaskins in Kershaw, SC

Ancestral Surnames

Bevil [SC], Blackman [Florida], Carey [PA], Weaver [PA]

L. Cavner

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: James Cavner b. abt 1830 NJ

Maternal: Sarah Sullivan b.1822 TN

Ancestral Surnames

Allen, ALLISON, BRITTAIN, Brittan, Brittian, Brooks, BROWN, BRUMLEY, Brumley/ S, Buchanan, BUTLER, BUTTS, CANTRELL, CAVNER [Woodson, KS/Ardmore, OK], COMBS, DAVIS, DENTON, DONALDSON, Draper, Duke, Eccles, FAIRCHILD, FAIRCHILD JR., FAIRCHILD SR., Forbis, Frederick, GARB, Hamilton, Hanes (guess), Hanna, HARDY, Harvey, HAWKER, Haynes, HAYWOOD, Heath, HEMPHILL, Henderson, Hocker HAWKER, Hopkins, Howell, HUDSON, HUNTER [OK, TN], Jones, Kesiah, Key [Crawford, MO], LAISNE, LAMBERT [AL], LAND, LANN [AL], LEONARD, LESSENE, LEWIS, Lynn, Lynn Sr., Lynn Sr./ Sr, Mar, Mary Baldridg, Mason, Matthews, MCCLANAHAN, McRary, MILSAPS, Morgan, MORRISON, Moytoy, NATION, NATIONS, Paine, Penelop, Person, Pewitt PREWITT, Pigeon of Tellico Moytoy, PINERNELL, PREWITT, Priscill, PRUITT, Quarles, Ramsey, Ramsey Jr., Ramsey Jr./ Jr, Robins, Robinson, Sara, Sarah Sall, SEAMANS, SELBY, SHARP, SMITH, Starr, SULLIVAN, SWAIM, Swan, Taylor, UNK, J.Cynthi, VAUGHAN, Willaims, WILLIAMS, Williamson, Wright

J. L. Orr

Most Distant Ancestors

Maternal grandfather unknown, resided in Clay County and Ray County, Missouri.

Ancestral Surnames

Battle, Chambers, Chew, Conn, Crowley, English, Hillard, Hilliard, Nicholson, Orr, Pulse, Redfearn, Rose, Ross ?, Townley, Wells

C. M. Achenbach

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Johannes (JOHN RUDOLFF) ACHENBACH b ~ 1700

Maternal: Barbara Rhodes b 1835

Ancestral Surnames

Achenbach [Germany or USA], Bäni [Switzerland], Fischer / Fisher [Germany or USA], Timmins [England or USA]

A. J. Cromwell

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: William Williams b 1443 d 1468

Maternal: Jennie Mae Harwood MOORE b 1867 d 1914

Ancestral Surnames


M. Slusser

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal:  I know nothing about my birth father or his family. All my info is on my maternal side.

Maternal: Rachel Alice Williams, b. 1861 and d. 1936

Ancestral Surnames

Faulk, Hankins, Pace, Smith [United States], Stepp

M. S. Glanders

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Jordan Gibson s/o Gilbert Gibson Louisa Co. VA

Maternal: Caroline Martha Liddon 1832-1879

Ancestral Surnames

Brown [TN], Cowden [AL, TX], Davis [TN], Dobbins, Evans [LA], Gibson [VA], Hughes [Al, TX], Jowell [TX], Kellum [TX], Liddon [TN, AL, TX], Mashburn [NC, TX], Paralee [TN], Puckett [VA,TN, TX], Rice [VA], Rutledge, Scott [TN, MO, TX], Tucker [TN], Turner-Lemay [VA]

J. A. Maddox

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Cornelius Maddox b 1660 d 1706

Maternal: Elizabeth Thompson b 1787 d 1870

Ancestral Surnames

Anderson, Anthony, Aubrey, Awbrey, Beauchamp, Brady, Brown, BURTON, Childers, Douglass, Drury, Eckhols, Fielding, Holland, Howard, Jackson, Jennings, Jones, Kerby, Key, Kirby [Virginia>Indiana>Texas], Langsford, LLoyd, Lucas, Luther, LYNCH, Maddocks, Maddox [South Carolina>Alabama>Mississippi>Texas], Margaret, McDaniel, McDaniels, McKenzie, Meador, Moseley, Mosely [Virginia>Tennesee>Kentucky>Texas], Mozley [Virginia>Tennesee>Kentucky>Texas], Mullins, Mulve, Neale, Owen, Pass, Paul, PERKINS, Phillips, Polteney, Randolph, Ray, Robinson, Ross, Rucker [Virginia>Texas], Rushing, Shelton, Smallwood, Stone, Taliaferro, Thomas, Thompson, Tinsley, Tompkins, Townsend, Tramel, Tucker, Tynsley, Warren, Wheeler, White, Whittle, Woodard, Wright

S. E. Tompkins

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Jacob Sheets, b. 1725, PAd. 1806 MD

Maternal: Margaret Mashburn, b. c. 1793 Burke Co, NC

Ancestral Surnames

Aberli, Adraiens, Allen, Amos, Austin [RI-VT, USA], Babcock, Baldwin, Barber, Baur, Bibighaussen, Bien, Bienhaus, Birge, Bissell, Blunt, Bourne, Brownell, Connett, Cowper, Cram, Crandall, Creighton, Crow [PA-VA, USA], DeLong, Downer [MA-CT, USA], Drake, Drane, Ellsworth, ENGEL, Eno, Enz, Etheridge, Ethridge [TN-MO, USA], Faust, Feucht, Flach, Flick, Freeman, Frey, Fuchs, Gates, Gaylord, Geyer?, Gifford, Grafton, Hlker, Hüber, Habel (Habe), Hall, Hartzell [PA-OH, USA], Hebel (Habe), Hegetschweiler, Helker/Halker [Germany], Henderson [Augusta, VA, USA], Herbel, Hill [Glamorgan, Wales], Holcomb, Holmes, Holt, Huber, Jones [Cardigan, Wales], Kieffer, Kleinhans [PA, USA], Knight, Kuhn, Kusterer, Lazell [MA-CT, USA], Lee, Lerch, Llewellyn, Lloyd [Wales], Loomis [CT-VT, USA], Mashburn [Burke, NC, USA], McMullen [Augusta, VA, USA], Meekcome, Meinel, Melyn, Moore, Morris, Munsell [RI-CT-VT-IL, USA], Nowlane, Oberly [Switzerland-PA, USA], Parry, Partridge [England-MA, USA], Pendergraft [NC, USA], Pendergrass, Pendergrass (Prendergast), Perry [KY, USA], Pugh (Pew), Pugh/Pew [KY, USA], Raymer, Reese [PA-WV, USA], Reh, Roden, Rogers, Rossmeisel, Rusmisel [Bohemia-Ger-PA-VA], Rusmisel (Rosmeissel), Schaufele, Schumacher (Schumaker), Scott, Sheets [MD-KS, USA], Sickhinger, Siglin, Sikinger [Germany], Sommer, Staubes, Staubus [Germany-VA], Stroud, Sutherland [Scotland-OH], Swaine, Talkington [WV, USA], Tracy [England-MA, USA], Trenk, Veare, Vincent, Vincent ?, Wallbridge [CT, USA], Watson, Way, Weare, Wetzel, White, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilkinson, Wilson, Winans, Wismer, Wolf

D. D. Gililland

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: William Gilliland b. 1801 KY d. abt 1875 in TX

Maternal: Abraham Kuykendall

Ancestral Surnames

Ashworth, Ashworth/, Sr, Bridges, Bridges/, Sr, Clardy [Texas], Flowers [Texas], Ford, Gililland, Gilliland, Gilliland/, Sr, GUFFEE, Johnson, KEITH, Kuykendall, Plumlee [Arkansas Texas], Thompson, Tigert [Indiana Texas], Williams, Williams/ I, Williams/ II, Williams/, Jr, Wood, Wynne

S. E. White

Ancestral Surnames

Smith [Pennsylvania], White [California]

M. Thompson

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Joseph Sanford Hall b 1775 VA d 1851 SC

Maternal: Martha Melinda McCrory b 1820 NC d 1905 TN

Ancestral Surnames

Akin [NC/HardemanCoTN], Alban [CardiganshireWales], Banks [KnoxCoIN/IL/KY/TN], Bishop [AndersonCoSC], Canada [GibsonCoTN/DyerCoTN], Cary [AndersonCoSC], Cox [NC/HardemanCoTN], Davis [AndersonCoSC], Dowdy [Virginia/HardemanCoTN], Evans [FlintshireWales/ChattanoogaTN], Eveleth [RI/OH/KY], Felts [VA/LauderdaleCoTN], Galloway [AL/HardemanCoTN], Green [SC], Hall [VA/AndersonCoSC/TalladegaAL/LauderdaleCoTN], Henderson [HamiltonCoTN/CherokeeCoAL], Henning [SC/LauderdaleCoTN], Hoffner [PA/OH], Jack [KnoxCoTN/CherokeeAL/RomeGA], Johnson [KnoxCoIN/IL], Mayfield [AndersonCoSC/TalladegaAL], McCoy [SC/TalladegaAL], McCrory [NC/HardemanCoTN], Powell [CarmarthenshireWales/FlintshireWales], Pullam [KnoxCoIN/IL], Taggart [RI], Taylor [PA/RheaCoTN], Yates [NC/GibsonCoTN]

C. C. DeVine

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Thomas Lee Devine b: 1748 Ireland and d: 1840 TN

Maternal: Elizabeth Wilson b. abt 1795 NC and d. 1860 AL

Ancestral Surnames

Adcock [NC], Baker [AL], Barfield [N & S Carolina], Berry [South Carolina], Broughton [SC], Callaway, Cannon [SC], Carson [South Carolina], Carter, Chandler [North Carolina], Chinnabee [MS], Couillandeau, Daniel [Alabama], de St. Julien [SC], Debose, DeChastaigner [SC], Desmond [AL], DeVine [South Carolina], Devine (Divine), DeVine/ Jr, DeVine/ Sr, Dill, Divine, Divine/ Sr, Donaldson [VA], Duboise (Debose), DuBose, Dubose/DeBoise [South Carolina], Dunn [North Carolina], Eddins/Eddings [South Carolina], Ervin [South Carolina], Fitzpatrick [South Carolina], Frierson, George, Grimes [North Carolina], Ham [South Carolina], Hardin, Harford, Haws [VA], Hudson [Virginia], Hussey [South Carolina], Jordan [South Carolina], Kearley [Alabama], Lavender [North Carolina], Lawson [North Carolina], Lucas [South Carolina], Mattox [VA], McMahan [North Carolina], Mims [South Carolina], Moffit Farrar, Mott [North Carolina], Nancy [SC], Nolen [Alabama], Pettus [Virginia], Pierce [NC], Pollard [South Carolina], Ragan/Ragin [SC], Ravenel/Ravenal [SC], Salisbury [South Carolina], Sallus [VA], Sinclair [South Carolina], Smith [North Carolina], Stacey [South Carolina], Stiggins [Alabama], Stokeley [VA], Stokes [South Carolina], Thomas [AL], Towles [VA], Turner [South Carolina], Vallott [VA], Wagoner/Waggoner [Alabama], Wall [VA], Welch [South Carolina], Whatley, Wilson [NC]

F. S. Jones

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Thomas Jones Sr. c. 1732 Rowan NC – 1814 Montg. KY


Ancestral Surnames

Armistead, Barnard, Beck, Dotson, Eastman, Farish, Holdren, Iverson, Jones [Rowan NC – Bath KY], LaFon, Lipman [Ger], Lowther, Miller, Ralls, Rogers, Schmid [Ger], Shortridge ?, Stone, Thompson [NC-KY], Williams

B. L. Marston (Grandma also matches C. L. Marston registered to the same email address)

Ancestral Surnames

(Marston), (Smith), Ayres, Beatty, Beaumont, Bennett, Bland, Boulton, Campbell, Carroll, Claxon, Coleman, Colley, Corbin?, Crow, Cummins, Day, Downey, Dunavent, Eads, Elizabeth, Estes, Garvey, Goode, Greene, Groom, Hammon, Hammond, Hill, Hitt, Hudson, Hudson/, Sr, Johnson, Jones, Kemper, Kendrick, Layton, Leanna, Marston, McPherron, Meek, Morgan, Perkins, Roach, Robinson, Russell, Saunders, Slaughter, Smith, Steger, Stephenson, Talley, Thornton, Threlkeld, Venard, Wainscott, Woolums, Wright

B. J. Wilbourne

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Wilbourne

Maternal: Garside

Ancestral Surnames

Aggen, Andrews, Baker, Barker, Baumgartner, Becker, Beeman, Behr, Bell, Bennett, Bierdeman, Bierdemann, Blakey, Boothe, Bowen, Bucy, Carter, Chaney, Courtney, Crabtree, Cron, Davis, Dodge, Donnellan, DUREMANN, Fey, Fickel, Fish, Fuerst, Gallop, Garside, Godfrey, Halstead, Hempstead or Usher, Jay, Johnson, Jones/ Bel, Joy, Joy/, Kezar, Kezer, Kieffer, Lamb, LARCUM, Laycock, Major, MAJORY, MASURY, Masury/ Jo, Moore, Morris, Morse, Pary, Phelps, Prince, Reynolds, Rosser, Runyon, Sallie, Scott, Shriver, Skinner, Stark, Stark/ J, Stark/ Re, stevens, Van Court, Vineyard, Von Muench Brucker, Waggoner, Webber, Wells, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, Willbourne, Willburn, Willburn (Welbourne), Williams, WOODMANSEE, WOODSON

D. D. Kessberger

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Morris E. Potts b.1904 d??

Maternal:  E. Maxine Hardwick b.1910 d.1980

Birth name Potts. Lived in Missouri all my life.


To those whose DNA matches mine, mom’s, and grandma’s

Congratulations, those are some strong genes!  But seriously, I was going through my maternal matches and saw that only a few who match all 3 of us shared any genealogical information in their profiles.  These are them, their most distant ancestors if listed, and their surnames, if shared:

E. H. Vannoy, S. Vannoy, and M. Vannoy
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: Elijah Vannoy b c1784 Wilkes NC d c1850 Hancock TN
Maternal: Mary Ann Ford, b 1835 Pulaski KY, d 1925 Pettis MO

[VA→TN], Sims [VA], Talbot [-], Thornton, Thorton [VA], Truel [France→VA→KY→MO], Tryntye, Tussey [DE→NC→TN], Ukn., Unk., Upton [England→MO], Valentine [KY], Van Noy [NC→TN→MO], Vannoy [NC→TN→MO], Vanoy [NC→TN→MO], Walker [NC→TN], Ward [-], Wash [-], Waters [VA], Webb [KY→TN], Whitcher [-], Wisdom [VA→MS], Wolf, Wolfhardt [Germany→PA], Woodruf [-], Zimmerman [Germany]

R. C. Douglas
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: John Douglass b.30/12/1731, St Pauls London Eng.
Maternal: Mary (surname unknown)

Champion [Cornwall], Dixon [West Bromwich England], Douglas [London], Douglas [Cambridgeshire], Douglas [Western Australia], Douglas [Glasgow], Douglas [New Zealand], Douglass [Cambridgeshire], Duglas [Covent Gardens London]

J. Springer

Springer [Pennsylvania]

V. G. Moore
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: John Jackson Moore, 1754 – 1842
Maternal: Susan Jane Lite, 1839 – 1906

F. D. Akin
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: Brantly Duncan b.1821 SC d.1864, GA
Maternal: Nancy E Cain b.1802 GA, d.1885 GA

Cain [GA], Dobbins [GA], Duncan [GA/SC], Head [GA], Robinson [Carroll-GA], Smith [Carroll-GA], Stewart [GA], Warren [GA]

J. Hagen
Most Distant Ancestors
Arnold Hagenbucher born in Switzerland. Came to US. Married Albertina Polier
Hagen [US], Hagenbucher [Switzerland, US], Moore [Ontario Canada, US], Polier [US]

I have no idea how to connect them, other than some matches one match had family in areas I know we had Taylor, Brummit, or Evans ancestors.  Either I am missing some branch of my family or they are.  Most likely both.


William Brumet Brummet Brummit Brummett

His last name just keeps getting longer and longer.  I found William on the 1830s census in Chariton, Missouri (which matches the record of marriage I found for William Brumet and Sarah “Sally” Evans) BUT I DON’T HAVE A COPY OF IT!!!  I saved a copy to my tablet as I do every Sunday I visit the library and find records.  I don’t know what happened because I definitely downloaded a copy to my tablet but when I went to my files to look for it it was missing. The others were there, just not 1830 so I went to FamilySearch to find it again.  The info on it isn’t available unless you pay Ancestry.  Thankfully I took sloppy notes   Chariton County is right next to Livingston County.

William Brummit owned land in Chariton Missouri by September 30, 1835.
William Brummit owned land in Chariton Missouri by September 30, 1835.
William Brummet on the 1830 Census Chariton Missouri
William Brummet on the 1830 Census Chariton Missouri
William and Sarah had a son older than my Mary Ann
William and Sarah had a son older than my Mary Ann “Polly” Brummet, and from internet searches it seems that there was a younger sister too. This younger sister may have been Eliza Jane Brummitt (speculation based on Google searches).
William Brummett on the 1840s in Jefferson, Livingston County, Missouri. Susan would be the one female under 5, Henry and James the two males under 5, Mary Ann and Eliza Jane the two females 5-9, the oldest son one male 10-14, and William and Sarah the two 20-49.
William Brummett on the 1840s in Jefferson, Livingston County, Missouri. Susan would be the one female under 5, Henry and James the two males under 5, Mary Ann and Eliza Jane the two females 5-9, the oldest son one male 10-14, and William and Sarah the two 20-49.

If you know anything about this family please email me

UPDATE 11/30/14

Here it is! William Brummet on the 1830 Census Chariton County Missouri
Here it is! William Brummet on the 1830 Census Chariton County Missouri

The Mystery of Sarah Jane Taylor: 1860 Census, Shelby Missouri and a Round Up

Ben sent me the 1860 census for Salt River Township, Shelby County, Missouri.  Thank you Ben!

James Taylor's family 1860
James Taylor’s family 1860

We see James (J.W.) is a carpenter,  is already married to Geraldine Dennisson, and only Isaiah and Jane are listed from his marriage to Mary A. Bromett.  The History of Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas mention a third child who was deceased at the time the book was written (as was Isaiah, Sarah Jane Taylor being the only child of Mary A. Bromett who was alive) so I assume the child was likely already deceased.  James and Geraldine have a two year old Samuel and have James’ brother Wesley Taylor living with them.  They appear to also have a relative of Geraldine’s, Dillard Dennisson living with them as well.  The whole family is living with May Thomas, Walter? W. Simon, a lumber dealer, and William Walker, a carpenter.  Interestingly, only James is listed as having real estate, valued at $3000.

Ben also found a record of marriage for James Taylor and Geraldine Dennisson:

James Taylor and Geraldine Dennisson (2nd wife) were married July 16, 1857 also in Livingston County Missouri. This is the same county James and Mary A. Bromett were married.
James Taylor and Geraldine Dennisson (2nd wife) were married July 16, 1857 also in Livingston County Missouri. This is the same county James and Mary A. Bromett were married.

Why didn’t we know about Isaiah Taylor?  There are hints that he may have had descendants.

Why was our Sarah Jane only known as Jane?  Is this why she chose to go by the name Juanita in New Mexico?

How did Mary A. Bromett and their third child die?  When did it happen?  Where are they buried?

How did James Taylor and family eventually come to reside in Kansas?

Did Mary A. Bromett have sisters born of the same mother?  Who was her mother? When I started this search it was because I would like to trace my maternal line as far back as possible in hopes of identifying a living maternal line descendant who might agree to a mitochondrial DNA test.  I would love to find a match to confirm our line.

This is my timeline for James Taylor so far:

1830-Born in Montgomery County, Missouri

1850-Married Mary A. Bromett in Livingston County, Missouri

1852-Son Isaiah Taylor born to Mary A. Bromett

1855-Daughter Sarah Jane Taylor born to Mary A. Bromett

1857-Married to Geraldine M. Dennisson

1858-Son Samuel G. Taylor born to Geraldine M. Dennisson

1860-Living in Salt River Township, Shelby County, Missouri with family


James W. Taylor married Mary Ann Bromett Livingston County Missouri 1850

Trying to post this before tonight’s Finding Your Roots episode.

I noticed the 1850 census showing James and Mary living next to the of the rest of the Taylor family said they were married that year.

“State of Missouri
Livingston County
I, Jarred M Abnett (? could be wrong), a Justice of the Peace of the County of Livingston and State of Missouri do hereby certify that James W. Taylor and Mary A. Bromett were married by me on the tenth day of February A.D. 1850″

This is James Taylor’s first wife, the second being Jeraldine M. Dennison of Canon City, Colorado, the third Margaret “Maggie” Shuey of Iola, Allen County, Kansas.