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Earth Hour Pictures

Pre-Earth Hour after-market espresso break. DH sure loves that biscotti.


Sun induced delirium causes hallucinations of delicious food.


DH making bread.


DH posing with bread. We got to use our dipping set because of this!




Purple carrot!
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Central Phoenix in the Spring

Happy Spring!  The weather is great and I am loving festival season.  Arizona gets a lot of crap (rightfully so) for being batshit crazy, but there are also a lot of good people here.   

March is the beginning of outdoor season as you can tell from our recent pictures.  I am also practicing vegan cooking in preparation for Earth Hour this Saturday.  Good times.

Picnic on St. Patrick's Day.
The weather is nice but the sun is already prickly.
Where the bigwigs sit at World Fest
This is what I love most about central Phoenix. You can ride your bike everywhere!
Ok, so we went to World Fest mainly for the beer.
Vegan vegetable curry with ginger rice. Recipe at Black Market Farm.
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Great Arizona Beer Festival

The festival was great!  This and my addiction to pastas and bread are the reasons I have not taken the good advice to go gluten-free.  I’m too much of a hedonist to make that sacrifice.

DH’s birthday is this Wednesday and I have a super ambitious dinner planned for Thursday (he gets home late on Wednesday, such a rich dinner would be a gastro-nightmare).  After this weekend’s torrone fail I’m nervous about it.  Tuesday will be demi-glace day, it will take about half a year’s worth of Meatless Mondays to make up for it.

Great Arizona Beer Fest. Drink Local!
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Oktoberfest Weekend!

Oktoberfest traditionally takes place at the end of September and runs through the 1st week of October, but in AZ it’s freaking hot so we get a late start in attempt to beat the heat.  It is still 108°F here in Phoenix, so we keep our daytime celebrations inside.  DH and I are excited to start the German Beer season as we usually get 3 weekends packed with different city-sponsored events! 

We did start celebrating last night, with a German-inspired sausage, cabbage, and potato salad dinner.  We will also make pretzels sometime this weekend, so stay posted for that recipe. 

Chimney starter




Cabbage salad


Dinner with DH's homebrewed hefeweizen. Click on the picture for our new blog.
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Homebrewing Photos: Weizenbock

In my last homebrewing posts I delineated the process DH uses to make beer and explained his idea for growing and using yeast to make another, stronger beer.  You’ll notice the difference in color between this weizenbock and the hefeweizen all throughout the process.



The mash


Lautering (collecting) the wort.


Magnum and Hallertau hops


Little Robot is curious about the spent grain.


The wort.


Inoculated with yeast.
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Bulgarian Rhapsody: Mekitsi and Hefeweizen

This was one of the meals DH made for me out of the blue before we were married.  I had mentioned to him that I was craving Navajo Fried Bread but the best, most authentic place in our area kept weird hours and I was sure it was closed.  DH to the rescue!

Unlike the Navajo traditional bread Mekitsi contain yeast, yogurt, and vinegar so the flavors are a little different.  Like the Navajo style, you can put almost anything you want on your individual mekitsa.  I usually like beans and salsa while DH keeps it traditional.

*Update:  DH’s hefeweizen turned out very well!

Homemade lyutenitsa, kyopolo, and Bulgarian feta
Beans, yogurt, queso, and homemade salsa verde