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Uncle C. Sauceda’s Genetic Communities

My uncle appears as a closer match to cousins from the Sauceda and Garza side of the family than my mother does, so I decided to focus on his genetic communities instead of hers.  I think Ancestry did very well with this feature.

C Sauceda Settlers of Central and South New Mexico
“Since the 1700s, New Mexico has been shaped by the clash and co-mingling of people and cultures. Native Pueblo peoples and Spanish settlers shared similar farming techniques and joined in defense against raiding Apache and Comanche bands—with whom they also traded. War, railroads, and homesteading brought Anglo settlers, who sometimes married into Hispanic families and sometimes encroached on traditional lands. Together they faced the changes drought, boom and bust, and war brought to a harsh and beautiful land.”


C Sauceda Mexicans in Nuevo Leon Tamaulipas and South Texas
“Those who answered Spain’s call to settle the Texas frontier were brave, determined, and incredibly resilient. For more than 100 years, they fended for themselves taming wild horses, raising livestock, and defending themselves against raiders, unpredictable weather, and the indifference of their government. When Texas joined the United States, Mexican and Anglo American settlers came together, creating the vibrant, rich culture that still distinguishes the area today.”


C Sauceda Mexicans in Tamaulipas Nuevo Leon and South TX
“Fiercely independent, for generations the people of the Rio Grande Valley demonstrated a determination to not only survive a brutal and unforgiving land, but thrive in danger, instability, and war. Decades of conflict created a legacy of strength in the face of opposition and dedication to their land, families, and heritage. Their descendants carried this legacy with them as they migrated north throughout the 20th century, adding it to the rich fusion of Tejano culture that still distinguishes the borderlands today.”


C Sauceda Mexicans in Nuevo Leon North Tamaulipas and South Texas
“Mexicans in Nuevo Leon, Northern Tamaulipas and South Texas were known for their fierce independence, persistence, and courage. They were instrumental in winning independence from Spain. And as history transformed their home from the Spanish frontier to the Mexican border (and even the United States), they came to embody the merging and clashing of Anglo and Mexican lifestyles on the border and in Texas Tejano culture.”

Sally Evans’ Parents, DAR update, and Genes for Good

Update October 2016: This line is wrong, please see Sarah Evans Mitochondrial DNA Test Sally Evans’ parents are still unknown.  I’d like to think they are Joseph Evans and Anna Maria Sauer but I don’t have any proof other than Mrs. Evan’s family tree.  The DAR genealogy lady looking over my application called me out on it:

My big concern is proving Sarah Evans to her parents. I am not convinced that we have the correct parents. We need to see if there is a probate in Putnam Co., IN for Joseph Evans and maybe check land records for a distribution of land after his passing. I have not been able to put Joseph Evans in Missouri. For Sarah to get married there we need to show a connection somehow. There is no leap of faith here, it’s just too broad of a jump. All we really know is that Joseph Evans (father) and Sarah Evans (his proposed daughter) are both originally from North Carolina. Chariton County was originally Howard County, till November 6, 1820. From internet sources I see an Andrew Evans in the 1818 tax list and in 1831 lands subject to tax there is a Loverance Evans and a Richard Evans. These are possible parents of Sarah Evans too based on time and locale. 
First, let’s check Putnam Co., IN to see if there is a probate record for Joseph Evans.
Based on this we can proceed further regarding Joseph.
Let’s see what we can develop regarding the three other Evans men in Howard/Chariton Co., MO and see if there is a possibility we have the wrong parents.
Based on the previous issue I looked at your lineage to see if there are other patriots. There are other patriots but each of them present their own problems also. But if we were to consider other patriots if we can prove the parents of William Brummett then this opens a line of patriots through his mother. So since your have done such a great job with your genealogy I thought I would ask if you have anything yet on William Brummett’s line? Also  through James W. Taylor you have patriots, both through is father and mother [Joseph Taylor and Jane Doss].
Work on developing the parents of William Brummett. If we can prove this connection, other patriots open up through this man for you.
What would you like me to do? Would you like me to write to Putnam Co., Indiana to start with? I would be happy to do so. I just don’t want both of us writing the same letters. I will start to do some internet work on the other issues and you can do that also if you would like. More eyes the better.
This is just a really tricky period of time that I see with so many applications proving lineage through these years. But I am on board to help find a good provable lineage for your DAR application. It doesn’t mean they aren’t your family, it’s just what can we prove or prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
Let me know about Putnam Co, okay?
She is right, I was being sloppy.  I contacted Putnam County and there is a will for Joseph Evans.  The county clerk emailed me a few hours ago that she put it in the mail.  I am excited/dreading it.  The idea of digging up a stranger’s will seems wrong to me, like I’m sticking my nose in his personal business.  But at the same time, if it turns out he is not a relative, I still feel like I should share the document for his descendants who are or will go searching for the same information.
Also, I feel like a N00b genealogist because I haven’t been able to find anything more on James Taylor’s parents, Joseph Taylor and Jane Doss.  Or William Brummet.  I want to ask the DAR genealogist what she knows, hahaha!  It’s not her job to do the work for me though, so I have resisted temptation.  Plus it’s just embarrassing to admit.
When I went back to look at my research I noticed that I have William and Sally Brummett with their children (except the oldest 3) on the 1850 census in District 51, Livingston County, Missouri but after that Sally Evans disappears until her death in 1873.  Almost all of her children are missing in 1860 and 1870 but I did find Sarah F. Brummett on the 1870 census with her younger brother, Elijah.  Sarah is now Sarah Rusler after her marriage to Albert Abraham Rusler (both misidentified on the 1870 census of Jefferson, Grundy, Missouri as Abraham and Sarah Russell).  Why is Elijah with his newlywed sister and brother-in-law?  What happened to Sally Evans?  There are so many new questions.
Lastly for now, have you heard of Genes for Good?  They are launching a new Facebook app that is a bit like 23andMe.  They are hoping people will sign up, take the surveys, and submit DNA samples for research at the University of Michigan.  I signed up and was notified today that they will soon send a “spit kit” to me soon.  What fun! Sign up if you are brave and just DGAF about university researchers using your DNA in their studies.  For science, and the greater good!
Sarah F. Rusler (Sarah F. Brummett) on the 1870 census Jefferson, Grundy, Missouri with younger brother Elijah Brummett
Sarah F. Rusler (Sarah F. Brummett) on the 1870 census Jefferson, Grundy, Missouri with younger brother Elijah Brummett

Ideas from Genealogy Roadshow

I saw that Genealogy Roadshow inferred a familial relationship based on proximity of residence between two families. I am embarrassed to say I never thought of that.

So that’s exactly what I have done to connect William Brumet and Sarah Sally Evans to who I think is their daughter Mary Ann Brumet Taylor, hahaha.  I have made multiple shitty, rambling inquiries to rectify the situation and have been met with these responses:

From The State Historical Society of Missouri

Dear TTJBlog,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, the Society does not have many records for this early time period 1823-1829 in Chariton County.  Our earliest Chariton County newspaper dates to 1847.

Marriage Records of Chariton County, Missouri 1821-1852 compiled by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, includes a reference to the marriage you cited on page 9:

William Brummitt to Sally Evans, 3rd Sunday in July 1827 by Hiram Craig

Missouri Just Married Chariton County Missouri 1821 to 1866 compiled by Carolyn M. Bartels includes the same information in its entry 37.

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to contact the Missouri State Archives which holds Chariton County records on microfilm:

From The Chariton County Museum

At one time Chariton county included the area north of the Missouri up into Iowa.  Then it was divided into other counties.  Livingston county came into existence in 1836 I believe.  There is no further information on the William Brummet family after 1830, when they show up in the census for that year.  After that they are in Livingston county.  Sorry but I cannot find any record here after 1830.

I responded: “Would there be a way to find out what happened to his land in Chariton?  The patent is under William Brummit, issue date 30 September 1835 Document #5770 of the U.S. General Land Office, BLM.”

Most likely he sold the land before moving.  During the civil war the records room of the courthouse burned and land records before that time were lost.  In 1876 the land belonged to the Stewart family.  1876 is the earliest plat book we have so whom ever owned the land before that time is not known.

I finally emailed the Missouri State Archives, they basically said tl;dr try again, so I submitted a new, succinct request on January 14, 2015:

Type of record: Probate or Will

Name: William Brummitt [could be Bromet Brumit Brumet Brummit Brummet Brumett Brumitt Brummett even Brummette/Brummitte]

County: Livingston

Date: 1850-1855

I haven’t heard back from them yet.  I’ve also contacted the Livingston County Recorder because why the hell not?

If I can connect Mary Ann “Polly” Brumet to this Sarah “Sally” Evans then I would finally have a proper explanation for my mitochondrial DNA results.


Update: This line is wrong, please see Sarah Evans Mitochondrial DNA Test My grandmother has a rather interesting new autosomal DNA match, the only one who is not of our immediate family to have the Sauer last name in her family tree.  Her father’s last name is Sauer which gives me hope that I’m barking up the right tree.




DNA matches to both my mom and grandma

I see surnames/family names and places repeating, including matches on the first list (who match all three of us) but I can’t quite figure out our connection.

A.M. Long

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: James McDonald died in Pennsylvania ca. 1830’s

Maternal: Ellen Hughes b. Llandudno,Wales 1873 d. 1918 PA

Ancestral Surnames

Allen [Ellen Allen b. 1782 PA d.after 1850 Fostoria, OH], Arras [Johann Peter Arras b. Oberkainsbach, Germany b. 18], Evans [Henry born Amlwch, Wales 1786], Hughes [Ellen Hughes b. Llandudno, Wales 1873 d. PA 1918], McDonald [James McDonald born in Pennsylvania ca 1790], McPherson [William McPherson b. Inverness, Scotland 1793 d.], Price [Thomas Price b.Wales 1610 d. St. Mary’s County, M], Scharf [William Scharf b. 1769 NJ or PA d. Maryland 1840], Taylor [Richard Taylor b. England d.1729 Anne Arundel, MD], Tracey [Samuel Tracey b. England d. Anne Arundel County, M], Treusch [Anna Barbara Treusch b. Darmstadt, Germany 1834 d.?

S, McCaffrey

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Patrick McCaffrey b. 1902 d 1984

Maternal:Catherine Brides b 1909 d. 1993

Ancestral Surnames

Brides [Ireland], Kearns [Ireland], McCaffrey [Ireland]

P. Spencer

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: John Milburn, b 1863 d?

Maternal: Fanny Dunning, b? d 1841

Ancestral Surnames

Anderson [New Row Lindale, Lancashire, England], Brockbank [Stavely, Westmorland, England], Brown [England], Castleman [Ohio, Virginia], Cottom [Makersfield, Lancashire, England], Coward [Lowick, Lancashire, England], Curtis [Hebron Twnshp, Tolland, Connecticut], Dennis [Monmouth Cty., New Jersey], Douglass [Leroy, Gennesee, New York], Dunning [Shropshire, England], Fairhurst [Haydock, Lancashire, England], Grannis [New Haven, Connecticut], Greenall [Makerfield, Lancashire, England], Gutridge [HYdock, Lancashire, England], Hosea [Vermont?], Jones [Shropshire, England], Kinnee [Ontario, Canada], Manwaring [England], McAfee [Indiana], Melison [Groton Twnshp, New London, Connecticut], Milburn [St Joseph, Missouri, USA], Pearson [England], Platt [Burlington, Burlington, New Jersey], Rawes [New Row, Lindale, Lancashire, England], Relph [England], Ross [Ohio, USA], Scott [Ogden, Utah], Shaw [Hawmshead, Lancashire, England], Standish [Warwick, Lancashire, England], Thompson [Ambleside, Westmoreland, England], Whaley [Albany Co, New York], Wright [Litchfield, Connecticut]

J. L.

Most Distant Ancestors

Parmelia Coates to Ezekiel Gaskins in Kershaw, SC

Ancestral Surnames

Bevil [SC], Blackman [Florida], Carey [PA], Weaver [PA]

L. Cavner

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: James Cavner b. abt 1830 NJ

Maternal: Sarah Sullivan b.1822 TN

Ancestral Surnames

Allen, ALLISON, BRITTAIN, Brittan, Brittian, Brooks, BROWN, BRUMLEY, Brumley/ S, Buchanan, BUTLER, BUTTS, CANTRELL, CAVNER [Woodson, KS/Ardmore, OK], COMBS, DAVIS, DENTON, DONALDSON, Draper, Duke, Eccles, FAIRCHILD, FAIRCHILD JR., FAIRCHILD SR., Forbis, Frederick, GARB, Hamilton, Hanes (guess), Hanna, HARDY, Harvey, HAWKER, Haynes, HAYWOOD, Heath, HEMPHILL, Henderson, Hocker HAWKER, Hopkins, Howell, HUDSON, HUNTER [OK, TN], Jones, Kesiah, Key [Crawford, MO], LAISNE, LAMBERT [AL], LAND, LANN [AL], LEONARD, LESSENE, LEWIS, Lynn, Lynn Sr., Lynn Sr./ Sr, Mar, Mary Baldridg, Mason, Matthews, MCCLANAHAN, McRary, MILSAPS, Morgan, MORRISON, Moytoy, NATION, NATIONS, Paine, Penelop, Person, Pewitt PREWITT, Pigeon of Tellico Moytoy, PINERNELL, PREWITT, Priscill, PRUITT, Quarles, Ramsey, Ramsey Jr., Ramsey Jr./ Jr, Robins, Robinson, Sara, Sarah Sall, SEAMANS, SELBY, SHARP, SMITH, Starr, SULLIVAN, SWAIM, Swan, Taylor, UNK, J.Cynthi, VAUGHAN, Willaims, WILLIAMS, Williamson, Wright

J. L. Orr

Most Distant Ancestors

Maternal grandfather unknown, resided in Clay County and Ray County, Missouri.

Ancestral Surnames

Battle, Chambers, Chew, Conn, Crowley, English, Hillard, Hilliard, Nicholson, Orr, Pulse, Redfearn, Rose, Ross ?, Townley, Wells

C. M. Achenbach

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Johannes (JOHN RUDOLFF) ACHENBACH b ~ 1700

Maternal: Barbara Rhodes b 1835

Ancestral Surnames

Achenbach [Germany or USA], Bäni [Switzerland], Fischer / Fisher [Germany or USA], Timmins [England or USA]

A. J. Cromwell

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: William Williams b 1443 d 1468

Maternal: Jennie Mae Harwood MOORE b 1867 d 1914

Ancestral Surnames


M. Slusser

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal:  I know nothing about my birth father or his family. All my info is on my maternal side.

Maternal: Rachel Alice Williams, b. 1861 and d. 1936

Ancestral Surnames

Faulk, Hankins, Pace, Smith [United States], Stepp

M. S. Glanders

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Jordan Gibson s/o Gilbert Gibson Louisa Co. VA

Maternal: Caroline Martha Liddon 1832-1879

Ancestral Surnames

Brown [TN], Cowden [AL, TX], Davis [TN], Dobbins, Evans [LA], Gibson [VA], Hughes [Al, TX], Jowell [TX], Kellum [TX], Liddon [TN, AL, TX], Mashburn [NC, TX], Paralee [TN], Puckett [VA,TN, TX], Rice [VA], Rutledge, Scott [TN, MO, TX], Tucker [TN], Turner-Lemay [VA]

J. A. Maddox

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Cornelius Maddox b 1660 d 1706

Maternal: Elizabeth Thompson b 1787 d 1870

Ancestral Surnames

Anderson, Anthony, Aubrey, Awbrey, Beauchamp, Brady, Brown, BURTON, Childers, Douglass, Drury, Eckhols, Fielding, Holland, Howard, Jackson, Jennings, Jones, Kerby, Key, Kirby [Virginia>Indiana>Texas], Langsford, LLoyd, Lucas, Luther, LYNCH, Maddocks, Maddox [South Carolina>Alabama>Mississippi>Texas], Margaret, McDaniel, McDaniels, McKenzie, Meador, Moseley, Mosely [Virginia>Tennesee>Kentucky>Texas], Mozley [Virginia>Tennesee>Kentucky>Texas], Mullins, Mulve, Neale, Owen, Pass, Paul, PERKINS, Phillips, Polteney, Randolph, Ray, Robinson, Ross, Rucker [Virginia>Texas], Rushing, Shelton, Smallwood, Stone, Taliaferro, Thomas, Thompson, Tinsley, Tompkins, Townsend, Tramel, Tucker, Tynsley, Warren, Wheeler, White, Whittle, Woodard, Wright

S. E. Tompkins

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Jacob Sheets, b. 1725, PAd. 1806 MD

Maternal: Margaret Mashburn, b. c. 1793 Burke Co, NC

Ancestral Surnames

Aberli, Adraiens, Allen, Amos, Austin [RI-VT, USA], Babcock, Baldwin, Barber, Baur, Bibighaussen, Bien, Bienhaus, Birge, Bissell, Blunt, Bourne, Brownell, Connett, Cowper, Cram, Crandall, Creighton, Crow [PA-VA, USA], DeLong, Downer [MA-CT, USA], Drake, Drane, Ellsworth, ENGEL, Eno, Enz, Etheridge, Ethridge [TN-MO, USA], Faust, Feucht, Flach, Flick, Freeman, Frey, Fuchs, Gates, Gaylord, Geyer?, Gifford, Grafton, Hlker, Hüber, Habel (Habe), Hall, Hartzell [PA-OH, USA], Hebel (Habe), Hegetschweiler, Helker/Halker [Germany], Henderson [Augusta, VA, USA], Herbel, Hill [Glamorgan, Wales], Holcomb, Holmes, Holt, Huber, Jones [Cardigan, Wales], Kieffer, Kleinhans [PA, USA], Knight, Kuhn, Kusterer, Lazell [MA-CT, USA], Lee, Lerch, Llewellyn, Lloyd [Wales], Loomis [CT-VT, USA], Mashburn [Burke, NC, USA], McMullen [Augusta, VA, USA], Meekcome, Meinel, Melyn, Moore, Morris, Munsell [RI-CT-VT-IL, USA], Nowlane, Oberly [Switzerland-PA, USA], Parry, Partridge [England-MA, USA], Pendergraft [NC, USA], Pendergrass, Pendergrass (Prendergast), Perry [KY, USA], Pugh (Pew), Pugh/Pew [KY, USA], Raymer, Reese [PA-WV, USA], Reh, Roden, Rogers, Rossmeisel, Rusmisel [Bohemia-Ger-PA-VA], Rusmisel (Rosmeissel), Schaufele, Schumacher (Schumaker), Scott, Sheets [MD-KS, USA], Sickhinger, Siglin, Sikinger [Germany], Sommer, Staubes, Staubus [Germany-VA], Stroud, Sutherland [Scotland-OH], Swaine, Talkington [WV, USA], Tracy [England-MA, USA], Trenk, Veare, Vincent, Vincent ?, Wallbridge [CT, USA], Watson, Way, Weare, Wetzel, White, Wilbor, Wilbore, Wilkinson, Wilson, Winans, Wismer, Wolf

D. D. Gililland

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: William Gilliland b. 1801 KY d. abt 1875 in TX

Maternal: Abraham Kuykendall

Ancestral Surnames

Ashworth, Ashworth/, Sr, Bridges, Bridges/, Sr, Clardy [Texas], Flowers [Texas], Ford, Gililland, Gilliland, Gilliland/, Sr, GUFFEE, Johnson, KEITH, Kuykendall, Plumlee [Arkansas Texas], Thompson, Tigert [Indiana Texas], Williams, Williams/ I, Williams/ II, Williams/, Jr, Wood, Wynne

S. E. White

Ancestral Surnames

Smith [Pennsylvania], White [California]

M. Thompson

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Joseph Sanford Hall b 1775 VA d 1851 SC

Maternal: Martha Melinda McCrory b 1820 NC d 1905 TN

Ancestral Surnames

Akin [NC/HardemanCoTN], Alban [CardiganshireWales], Banks [KnoxCoIN/IL/KY/TN], Bishop [AndersonCoSC], Canada [GibsonCoTN/DyerCoTN], Cary [AndersonCoSC], Cox [NC/HardemanCoTN], Davis [AndersonCoSC], Dowdy [Virginia/HardemanCoTN], Evans [FlintshireWales/ChattanoogaTN], Eveleth [RI/OH/KY], Felts [VA/LauderdaleCoTN], Galloway [AL/HardemanCoTN], Green [SC], Hall [VA/AndersonCoSC/TalladegaAL/LauderdaleCoTN], Henderson [HamiltonCoTN/CherokeeCoAL], Henning [SC/LauderdaleCoTN], Hoffner [PA/OH], Jack [KnoxCoTN/CherokeeAL/RomeGA], Johnson [KnoxCoIN/IL], Mayfield [AndersonCoSC/TalladegaAL], McCoy [SC/TalladegaAL], McCrory [NC/HardemanCoTN], Powell [CarmarthenshireWales/FlintshireWales], Pullam [KnoxCoIN/IL], Taggart [RI], Taylor [PA/RheaCoTN], Yates [NC/GibsonCoTN]

C. C. DeVine

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Thomas Lee Devine b: 1748 Ireland and d: 1840 TN

Maternal: Elizabeth Wilson b. abt 1795 NC and d. 1860 AL

Ancestral Surnames

Adcock [NC], Baker [AL], Barfield [N & S Carolina], Berry [South Carolina], Broughton [SC], Callaway, Cannon [SC], Carson [South Carolina], Carter, Chandler [North Carolina], Chinnabee [MS], Couillandeau, Daniel [Alabama], de St. Julien [SC], Debose, DeChastaigner [SC], Desmond [AL], DeVine [South Carolina], Devine (Divine), DeVine/ Jr, DeVine/ Sr, Dill, Divine, Divine/ Sr, Donaldson [VA], Duboise (Debose), DuBose, Dubose/DeBoise [South Carolina], Dunn [North Carolina], Eddins/Eddings [South Carolina], Ervin [South Carolina], Fitzpatrick [South Carolina], Frierson, George, Grimes [North Carolina], Ham [South Carolina], Hardin, Harford, Haws [VA], Hudson [Virginia], Hussey [South Carolina], Jordan [South Carolina], Kearley [Alabama], Lavender [North Carolina], Lawson [North Carolina], Lucas [South Carolina], Mattox [VA], McMahan [North Carolina], Mims [South Carolina], Moffit Farrar, Mott [North Carolina], Nancy [SC], Nolen [Alabama], Pettus [Virginia], Pierce [NC], Pollard [South Carolina], Ragan/Ragin [SC], Ravenel/Ravenal [SC], Salisbury [South Carolina], Sallus [VA], Sinclair [South Carolina], Smith [North Carolina], Stacey [South Carolina], Stiggins [Alabama], Stokeley [VA], Stokes [South Carolina], Thomas [AL], Towles [VA], Turner [South Carolina], Vallott [VA], Wagoner/Waggoner [Alabama], Wall [VA], Welch [South Carolina], Whatley, Wilson [NC]

F. S. Jones

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Thomas Jones Sr. c. 1732 Rowan NC – 1814 Montg. KY


Ancestral Surnames

Armistead, Barnard, Beck, Dotson, Eastman, Farish, Holdren, Iverson, Jones [Rowan NC – Bath KY], LaFon, Lipman [Ger], Lowther, Miller, Ralls, Rogers, Schmid [Ger], Shortridge ?, Stone, Thompson [NC-KY], Williams

B. L. Marston (Grandma also matches C. L. Marston registered to the same email address)

Ancestral Surnames

(Marston), (Smith), Ayres, Beatty, Beaumont, Bennett, Bland, Boulton, Campbell, Carroll, Claxon, Coleman, Colley, Corbin?, Crow, Cummins, Day, Downey, Dunavent, Eads, Elizabeth, Estes, Garvey, Goode, Greene, Groom, Hammon, Hammond, Hill, Hitt, Hudson, Hudson/, Sr, Johnson, Jones, Kemper, Kendrick, Layton, Leanna, Marston, McPherron, Meek, Morgan, Perkins, Roach, Robinson, Russell, Saunders, Slaughter, Smith, Steger, Stephenson, Talley, Thornton, Threlkeld, Venard, Wainscott, Woolums, Wright

B. J. Wilbourne

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Wilbourne

Maternal: Garside

Ancestral Surnames

Aggen, Andrews, Baker, Barker, Baumgartner, Becker, Beeman, Behr, Bell, Bennett, Bierdeman, Bierdemann, Blakey, Boothe, Bowen, Bucy, Carter, Chaney, Courtney, Crabtree, Cron, Davis, Dodge, Donnellan, DUREMANN, Fey, Fickel, Fish, Fuerst, Gallop, Garside, Godfrey, Halstead, Hempstead or Usher, Jay, Johnson, Jones/ Bel, Joy, Joy/, Kezar, Kezer, Kieffer, Lamb, LARCUM, Laycock, Major, MAJORY, MASURY, Masury/ Jo, Moore, Morris, Morse, Pary, Phelps, Prince, Reynolds, Rosser, Runyon, Sallie, Scott, Shriver, Skinner, Stark, Stark/ J, Stark/ Re, stevens, Van Court, Vineyard, Von Muench Brucker, Waggoner, Webber, Wells, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, Willbourne, Willburn, Willburn (Welbourne), Williams, WOODMANSEE, WOODSON

D. D. Kessberger

Most Distant Ancestors

Paternal: Morris E. Potts b.1904 d??

Maternal:  E. Maxine Hardwick b.1910 d.1980

Birth name Potts. Lived in Missouri all my life.


To those whose DNA matches mine, mom’s, and grandma’s

Congratulations, those are some strong genes!  But seriously, I was going through my maternal matches and saw that only a few who match all 3 of us shared any genealogical information in their profiles.  These are them, their most distant ancestors if listed, and their surnames, if shared:

E. H. Vannoy, S. Vannoy, and M. Vannoy
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: Elijah Vannoy b c1784 Wilkes NC d c1850 Hancock TN
Maternal: Mary Ann Ford, b 1835 Pulaski KY, d 1925 Pettis MO

[VA→TN], Sims [VA], Talbot [-], Thornton, Thorton [VA], Truel [France→VA→KY→MO], Tryntye, Tussey [DE→NC→TN], Ukn., Unk., Upton [England→MO], Valentine [KY], Van Noy [NC→TN→MO], Vannoy [NC→TN→MO], Vanoy [NC→TN→MO], Walker [NC→TN], Ward [-], Wash [-], Waters [VA], Webb [KY→TN], Whitcher [-], Wisdom [VA→MS], Wolf, Wolfhardt [Germany→PA], Woodruf [-], Zimmerman [Germany]

R. C. Douglas
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: John Douglass b.30/12/1731, St Pauls London Eng.
Maternal: Mary (surname unknown)

Champion [Cornwall], Dixon [West Bromwich England], Douglas [London], Douglas [Cambridgeshire], Douglas [Western Australia], Douglas [Glasgow], Douglas [New Zealand], Douglass [Cambridgeshire], Duglas [Covent Gardens London]

J. Springer

Springer [Pennsylvania]

V. G. Moore
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: John Jackson Moore, 1754 – 1842
Maternal: Susan Jane Lite, 1839 – 1906

F. D. Akin
Most Distant Ancestors
Paternal: Brantly Duncan b.1821 SC d.1864, GA
Maternal: Nancy E Cain b.1802 GA, d.1885 GA

Cain [GA], Dobbins [GA], Duncan [GA/SC], Head [GA], Robinson [Carroll-GA], Smith [Carroll-GA], Stewart [GA], Warren [GA]

J. Hagen
Most Distant Ancestors
Arnold Hagenbucher born in Switzerland. Came to US. Married Albertina Polier
Hagen [US], Hagenbucher [Switzerland, US], Moore [Ontario Canada, US], Polier [US]

I have no idea how to connect them, other than some matches one match had family in areas I know we had Taylor, Brummit, or Evans ancestors.  Either I am missing some branch of my family or they are.  Most likely both.

Genealogy, Immigration

Family Finder Results In!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my FF results were in this morning. Thank you Family Tree DNA!

I am so happy to have such a high Native American percentage.  My dad’s side is from Puebla and Monterrey so that wasn’t a surprise but to be over half means my mom’s side is more Native than I thought (or at least more than my mom looks, which obviously doesn’t mean a lot).  And I AM IRRATIONALLY PSYCHED ABOUT BEING 13% MOZABITE! UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ Sorry about the caps.  I feel like this:

I sent my results to Dr. McDonald so that he may work his magic science on them.

I’ve had a few false leads in my search for Sara J. Taylor, but I did receive her death certificate last week.  It says that she was about 65 when she died and that she lived in Santa Fe for 47 years, so she would have been about 18 when she got there.  Her mother was unknown but her father was James Taylor and it also states that Sara was born in Tula (Tooley’s Ferrey, Wyandotte County?) Kansas.  Remember the 1920 census states that she was from Missouri. She died June 20, 1927 and was buried in Rosario Cemetery on the 23rd.  Thanks to this website I know she is buried in section C1 as Sarah J. Taylor Ortega, though it claims she was 70.  I hope to visit her grave sometime.  Her husband Dionicio Ortega was the informant.

Thanks to FTDNA I have 131 matches for Family Finder.  Most of them are from lines I already know of such as Ortega, Romero, Gonzales, but there are a few English and American Taylors as well as German, Scottish, and Irish surnames I’m not familiar with.  I’ve emailed about 17 people (many of them from the established lines because they seem to be looking for Native American family).  Hopefully someone responds.  I am slightly surprised about the lack of Northern European in my profile because I was really starting to believe the family legends about Sara of Haplogroup V being Dutch or German.  She did fall outside of the reach of the test, but I’m not sure that is the only reason it didn’t show up in my results.  Oh well, I am quite happy with what was passed down to me.