Maternal Family Tree



mtDNA V7 (Full sequence at Family Tree DNA)

Y-DNA E-L117 (Sauceda; Brother tested with Family Tree DNA)

Maternal Line 

  • Sarah Evans and William Brummet
  • Mary Ann Brummet and James Taylor
  • Sarah Jane Taylor and Dionisio Ortega
  • Ramona Ortega and Francisco Gonzales
  • Domitila Gonzales and Manuel Romero
  • Dolores Romero and Bernardo Garza Sauceda
  • Mom and Dad
  • Parents of Bernardo Garza Sauceda: Francisca Garza and Bernardo Sauceda
    • Parents of Francisca Garza: Candelario Garza Martinez and Felicitas Cantú
      • Parents of Candelario Garza Martinez: Froilan de la Garza and Rita Martinez
      • Parents of Felicitas : Juan Cantú and Josefa Cano
        • Parents of Juan Cantú:
          • Jose Luis Cantú
          • Maria Candelaria Garza
        • Parents of Josefa Cano:
          • Juan Cano
          • Tomasa Montalvo
  • Parents of Manuel Romero: Salomé Montoya and Luciano Romero
    • Parents of Luciano Romero: Desiderio Romero and Guadalupe Lujan
    • Parents of Salomé Montoya: Baltazar Montoya and Maria Leonor Ribera
      • Parents of Baltazar Montoya: Juan José Montoya and Juana Gonzales
      • Parents of Maria Leonor Ribera: Francisco Ribera and Marcelina Quintana
  • Parents of Francisco Gonzales: Juan Gonzales and Anastasia Armijo
    • Parents of Juan Gonzales: Juan Gonzales and Ignacia Vaca [Baca]
    • Parents of Anastasia Armijo: Ruperto Armijo and Maria Lorenza Urioste
      • Parents of Ruperto Armijo: Juan Ygnacio Armijo and Maria Eulalia Sandoval
      • Parents of Maria Lorenza Urioste: Manuel Urioste and Maria Guadalupe Martín
        • Parents of Manuel Urioste: Jose Francisco Urioste and Maria Barbara Gallegos
        • Parents of Maria Guadalupe Martín: Salvador Antonio Martín and Maria Antonia Armijo
          • Parents of Maria Antonia Armijo: Jose Armijo and Maria Guadalupe Duran y Chavez
          • Parents of Salvador Antonio Martín: Salvador Manuel Martín Serrano and Feliciana Rael de Aguilar
            • Parents of Salvador Manuel Martín Serrano: Francisco Martín Serrano and Casilda Contreras
            • Parents of Feliciana Rael de Aguilar:
              • Alfonso (Alonso) Rael de Aguilar II
              • Tomasa Montoya
                • Parents of Alfonso (Alonso) Rael de Aguilar II:
                  • Alonso Rael de Aguilar
                  • Josefa Ana Garcia de Noriega
                    • Parents of Alonso Rael de Aguilar:
                      • Juan Osca y Alzamora
                      • Juliana Rael de Aguilar
  • Parents of James Taylor: Joseph Taylor and Jane Doss

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