Chariton County Missouri May 5, 1862

Tip o’ the hat to Laura P.N. who left a comment on a previous post which reminded me I didn’t share this finding.  I don’t know how they fit into the whole scheme of things, but it is a mysterious day in history.

I found two entries for Brummetts in Chariton County Wills and Administrations, 1861-1875 by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry; one for James Brummett and one for Thomas Brummet.  Both died on May 5, 1862.  Looking at the page, there are other deaths on May 5, 1862.

Chariton County Wills and Admins 1861-1875 Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry
James Brummett, Thomas Brummett, Alexander W. Seward, Hugh H. Bond, Amos Bond, Mary White, and John Lehman all deceased May 5, 1862 Chariton County, Missouri


A quick Google search reveals the Battle of Yellow Creek occurred in Chariton County, but that was on August 13, 1862.

William Brummit did have sons James and Thomas; but Thomas Benton Brummit/Brummet died 1933.  So, I don’t know if these two gentlemen in Prather Ellsberry’s book are related.  Furthermore, I sent a message to the Chariton County Historical Society but they said they  “do not have a James Brummett. We do have James S Brummell and James S Brummall. (2 different records).”  I didn’t request the records.

But I am curious, what happened in Chariton County, Missouri to cause so many deaths on May 5, 1862?

What do you think?

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