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Are the Indiana and Missouri Brummetts connected?

Update on Sarah Evans, wife of William Brummett:  The genealogist didn’t find anything, which I was mentally prepared for because I’ve seen other diligent genealogists have her as their brick wall.

I received an message asking for help with someone’s Indiana Brummett family.  I have come across them before and noticed other researchers have questioned if they are connected.

It reminded me that the DAR genealogist who was helping me with my application mentioned it was a bit of a stretch to assume Joseph Evans and Anna Maria Sauer (Mary Ann Sowers) were Sarah Evans’ parents because lack of evidence and to consider how far apart Putnam County, Indiana and Missouri are.  According to Wikipedia Mercer County, Missouri was organized in 1845 from Grundy County.

I did note that three of Joseph Evans and Anna Maria Sauer’s children eventually ended up in and died in Mercer County, Missouri although I don’t know what circumstances led them there.

  • Marium Evans b. about 1809 d. 1885 Mercer County, MO
  • Solomon Evans b. 1811 d. 1859 Mercer County, MO
  • Robert Evans b.1822 d. 1852 Mercer County, MO

Anyway, it has become clear to me that probably the best way of finding more on Sarah Evans is to focus on William Brummett’s family.  I’ve seen William Brummett on the 1830 census in Chariton County, MO but have not found him in earlier documents there.  I did not see any Brummetts on that census schedule in Chariton County or the surrounding areas.  I have found a man named Rennes Brummott on the Earliest Township and Public Land Survey, 5th Principal Meridian.  The date at the bottom of the page says “Surveyors Office St. Louis April 6th 1837”.  I speculate on the relationship of these two Brummett men in the linked blog post.  It is important to note that the name is pronounced “wren” but in the Breton language Rennes could also be pronounced “Rhoazon”.

This website has come up in many of my search results about the Brummett family.  I finally contacted the owner to ask him if he thought 1)Rennes and William could be father/son since I have seen many family trees online with William’s father listed as “Ren, Renna, or Reason” Brummett and 2) if these Brummetts might be related to his Brummetts in Indiana.  Remember the DAR genealogist thought my Sarah Evans could not be the daughter of Joseph Evans of Indiana because I didn’t have solid evidence of the relationship and the two states are not close to each other.

He had a lot of good info in his response, but the thing that stood out to me most was:

One other thing that I should mention.
The Brummetts and Chandlers ended up in Brown County, Indiana about 1821.  That is where the senior Ren Brummett went as well.
Around 1850, a couple of the chandlers in Brown County moved to different locations in Missouri.
The Chandler and Brummett cousins grew up together in Brown County, Missouri.  So it would not be surprised if many of the Brummett cousins moved to Missouri at about the same time.  I have not studied the idea very carefuly, however.

Very interesting.  The earliest documentation of my William Brummett that I’ve found was the 1827 marriage between him and Sarah “Sally” Evans.  As I mentioned before he is on the 1830 census, but when I went to check my records I noticed a cousin has him in her family tree residing in Greene County, Indiana.  As Brown County, IN wasn’t formed until 1836 I figured maybe it was all Greene County at one time.

WB Chariton Co 1830
William Brummett 1830 Chariton County, Missouri total 3 people.
WB Greene Co Indiana 1830
William Brummett 1830 Greene County, Indiana total 6 people.

They could be different people, there are three people unaccounted for in Missouri if they are the same.  It was just striking to me that a Renna/Ren Brummett also appears in Brown County (formed 1836) in 1840 at 70 years old.  What a coincidence there is also a Rennes Brummett in the area that became Livingston County, Missouri around the time William Brummet was there (and in Chariton).  Livingston and Chariton counties are next to each other so I figured boundaries probably changed a bit.

They could also be cousins or another type of kin, my point is I see a definite connection between the Missouri and Indiana Brummets (and possibly the Indiana Evans too).

WB BLM Missouri
BLM General Land Office records William Brummett in Livingston County, Missouri 1843. I don’t think this Ren is the original Ren because of the date. Maybe a son or grandson or something.
WB BLM Indiana
BLM General Land Office records William Brummett Greene County, Indiana 1835 and Brown County, Indiana 1848 (Brown County formed in 1836). These two must be the same person.





4 thoughts on “Are the Indiana and Missouri Brummetts connected?”

  1. Hi Veronica! It is always a pleasure to read your new research posts. I hope you had a good winter and are ready for the hot Southern Arizona summer. I am never ready for the nearly as hot northern AZ summer–oh well. I read and save all of your emails, keep them coming. I never get a chance to dive back into this research which makes your posts even more important to me. You take care. Have a great summer. Always, Terry (Theresa Ruth Ortega Abeyta Taylor)

    P.S. Did I tell you that I took Grandma Sarah’s maiden name, “Taylor” when I divorced? Yup–it has been a mixed blessing as it has been hard to get all government entities to recognize it even though the divorce decree is a court ordered name change. Maybe it just takes time……..


    1. Hi Terry! Thank you for sticking with me and for the nice email you sent around Dia de los Muertos! I do remember you took your name back, more power to you! And a less confusing choice compared to Brummet like Sarah Jane’s mom, hahaha. :)

  2. I descend from Renna Brummett. Through his son Langston. Would love to be able to connect them with a document.

    1. Hello Laura,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. At this point, I’m actually not sure of anything I wrote regarding kinship between the Indiana and Missouri Brummets/Brummits, it might be all wishful thinking on my part. That’s really neat that you are a descendant of Renna Brummet; have you taken a genealogical DNA test? On Ancestry we have 3 or 4 matches with trees with the surname Brummet but we don’t know how we are all connected.

      I haven’t found any other documentation for William Brummit prior to his 1827 marriage. I have found another document with the deaths of Thomas and James Brummett in 1862, which I don’t think I’ve blogged yet, but I don’t know how they are related to William Brummett if at all. He did have sons James and Thomas, but I know his son Thomas B. Brummett died in 1933. William’s son James was born around 1840, so if he died in 1862, he’d have been about 22 years old.

      Thank you for also reminding me to post that document! Even if they turn out to not be my relatives, it might help someone else. If you have any questions about my research or just want to chat privately you can email me here


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