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Reason Renna Rennes Brummott

Follow me into the land of tinfoil hat genealogy (if I waited until I had real genealogy breakthroughs this blog would be completely dead).

In searching for William Brummett I have seen many trees with his father listed as either Reason or Renna Brummett.  These are strange names, but considering some people opened the bible and pointed to a word to name their children it’s not too much of a stretch.  I thought either one of the names was wrong or they were two different people.

I’ve also seen an internet rumor that Renna’s family originated in Brittany, France so I started thinking maybe his name was René.  Then I found this land document “Earliest Township and Range Public Land Survey, Missouri, 5th Principal Meridian”  with the name Rennes Brummott listed.  That’s another form of René, isn’t it?

Turns out I know nothing about France.  Rennes “is a city in the east of Brittany in northwestern France at the confluence of the Ille and the Vilaine. Rennes is the capital of the region of Brittany, as well as the Ille-et-Vilaine department. [Wikipedia]”  Furthermore, it is pronounced like wren in French and “Roazhon” in Breton! (Reason?)

Rennes Brummott

I’ve either figured out the origin of the internet rumor or stumbled across mind-blowing information.  If it’s the origin of the rumor though, I don’t know how the person who made up the name Reason Brummett would know that is how Rennes is pronounced in Breton.  How many people still speak Breton?

Happy New Year!



8 thoughts on “Reason Renna Rennes Brummott”

  1. I am through Renna’s son Langston! Trying to prove that father/son connection for DAR! Langston and family ended up in Texas, I don’t think Renna went back to Indiana as I have had a researcher look for his probate there. We should talk!

  2. We have a far connection some where along the line. I am on and I loaded my DNA on DNA.Land and after a couple weeks you show up as a distant cousins.

    1. What is your family tree under on ancestry. Mine is named, family tree, and the user is laurmela1. We must connect somewhere. My DNA is on ancestry, family tree dna and gedmatch. Never heard of

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