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April Sauceda AncestryDNA Family Tree

Santa My mom, April Sauceda, agreed to do yet another DNA test as a Christmas gift this year!  Here’s her family tree.  I purposefully attached National Geographic Genographic Project’s image of the cute little girl with the skis to everyone like Thomas Benton Brummit who should be our mtDNA matches so people would be like, “Whaaaat?!” and stop to look.  #trainwreckgenealogy


4 thoughts on “April Sauceda AncestryDNA Family Tree”

  1. I was looking for pictures of my dad’s family and I saw you have a picture of his dad Cruz Garza sauceda thank you very much :) I’ve never met my granddad. My dad’s name is Manuel hernandez sauceda, his brother is Henry Barajas Sauceda. My name is Javier sauceda, thank you again really appreciate it a lot :)

    1. I am so glad you found us! Thank you for leaving this comment, this is exactly why I share everything I find or that people give to me.

      I am currently researching Cruz Sauceda’s father who is a bit of a mystery to us. We’ve never been able to find my grandfather Bernardo Sauceda’s (Cruz’s brother) birth certificate, leading to speculation about which side of the border he was born. I may have found his parents’ marriage certificate record earlier this week, I’m just waiting for the microfilm to be delivered to my local Family History Library. Please stay in touch, my blog email is So nice to “meet” you, cousin!

    2. Hi April and Javier, I am Lolo Sauceda, Cruz Sauceda was my uncle. Hernry Barajas Sauceda and Manuel Hernandez Sauceda were his two sons and my cousins. My uncle Cruz Garza Sauceda served in the U.S. Navy and was one of the famous fighting construction battalion (the fighting C Bees). I think he served in the South Pacific because he suffered from “jungle rot” a very painful disease. I recall he was not able to walk and he crawled around the house. My grand mother cured him with herbal plants from the desert. After he came back from the war he built his own home from scratch. My uncle Cruz was an amazing intelligent man

      1. Hi Lolo, this is April’s daughter Veronica, we are already friends on Facebook. I write this blog and administrate April’s Family Tree. She’s not very interested in genealogy. Thank you for the additional information!

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