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Wait, Mary Stone and Richard Estes or his father Elisha Estes?

My thought process started with William Brummet.  I’ve seen other trees list his parents as Renna or Reason or sometimes Reuben Brummet so I Googled it.  No sources, just the same info.

Renna and Mary 1

Ok, so according to these trees Renna/Reason/Reuben marries Mary Stone Estes; her parents are said to be Richard Estes b. 1732 Henry County, Virginia and Mary Stone b. 1744 Lunenburg County, Virginia.  All good.

Richard’s parents are supposedly Elisha Estes and… Mary Stone.  Wait, what?

Mary Stone Estes 1

I quit there for tonight.  Anyone reading this related to Mary Stone or the Estes boys?  Did Richard marry a Stone cousin?

p.s. I know these are unsourced internet rumours but that’s how I start my research.  I did come across this person’s thread asking the same thing, I just haven’t read it all yet.

Mary Stone WTF


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