Genetic Genealogy: International Matches

Some of our autosomal Family Tree DNA matches on my maternal line have foreign email addresses but because I don’t know who our common ancestors could be, I don’t contact them.  Maybe I would if I had some idea of how we are connected but I don’t, so for now at least, I won’t.  Intentionally.

It was by chance that Ken’s father’s long name caught my eye as one of our new matches.  The account was registered to a gmail address so I figured it was a domestic match.  I googled the email address as I usually do and saw that Ken is a genealogist who has a Facebook page for genealogy!  So exciting!  I left a message on the page not realizing that he and his family are in and from the UK.

So that’s how I accidentally got in touch with two (bonus!  Ken also is a match for us as well as his father) of our international matches.  Ken helps people with their UK genealogy so please, if you have roots in the UK, go check out his page Genealogy by Ken!

Long story short: He wasn’t aware of anyone on his father’s side coming to the US before our matches, but that his father is mostly Scottish so our common ancestor is probably Scottish too (or maybe Irish but probably Scottish).  I would love to know more about this person!  May I join a Clan?  Can I adopt a Tartan?  Should I read “Outlander”?


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