The Mystery of Sarah Jane Taylor: Thinking out loud about William Brummit and Sally Evans

I’m sure that William Brummit and Sarah “Sally” Evans are the parents of Mary “Polly” Ann Bromett. Update October 2016: This Evans/Sauer line is wrong, please see Sarah Evans Mitochondrial DNA Test  With that in mind, I am trying to piece together Sally Evans and the people who I think are her parents, Joseph Evans and Mary L. Ann Sauer.

Joseph Evans was born April 1775 in Forsyth County, North Carolina, died February 1866 in Putnam County, Indiana.

Anna Maria Sauer (went by Mary L. Ann) was born 1781 in Davidson County, North Carolina, died November 1850 in Putnam County, Indiana.

They were married 1798 in North Carolina and eventually moved to Missouri after 1823 but were living in Putnam County, Indiana by 1830. One of their daughters, Sarah “Sally” Evans married William Brummit (Bromitt Brumitt Brumit Brumet Brummitt Brummet Brummette, etc) in Chariton County November 1827 so I think the family was there at that time.

I need to find evidence that show this Evans family living in Missouri between 1823 and 1829.

All of Mary L.A. Sauer and Joseph Evans’ children were born in North Carolina.

Their children were:
Daniel Evans b. 1796 d.1828 IN
Jacob Evans b.1797 d.1870 IA
Susannah Evans b. 1799 1868 Ravanna, Mercer County MO
Mary Magdalene Evans b.1800 d. 1877 IN
Martha Evans b. 1804 d. 1869 IN
Hester Evans b.1806 d.1877 IN
Marium Evans b.1809 d.1885 Ravanna, Mercer County MO
Sarah “Sally” Evans b.1809 d. March 14 1873 Livingston County MO buried as Sarah Brummitt in Dockery Cemetery
Solomon Evans b.1811 d.1859 Ravanna, Mercer County MO
Sylvester Evans b. 1813 d. 1890 IN
Absalom Evans b. 1816 d.1908 IN
Gazzam Evans b.1818 d.1874 IN
Peter Evans b.1824 d.1835 IN

If this is your family please contact me tellthejourneyblog@gmail.com
William Brummit married Sarah
William Brummit married Sarah “Sally” Evans July 1827. Sarah Evans would have been about 18 years old at this time and about 22 when Mary Ann was born in 1831. Could She be Mary Ann Bromett’s mother?
My ancestral mitochondrial (maternal line) matches to Germany and the Netherlands
My ancestral mitochondrial (maternal line) matches to Germany and the Netherlands

What do you think?

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