Wesley Taylor, 23, Livingston County MO, Confederate Soldier


DH gave me a membership to The State Historical Society of Missouri and since I accidentally opened the letter containing my new membership number, I went ahead and made an inquiry about Joseph Taylor’s sons:

James W. Taylor b. 1830

John Taylor b. 1838

Wesley Taylor b. 1839

Samuel Taylor b. 1842

Thomas Taylor b. 1848
I received this reply: “Dear Mrs. TTJBlog,

Sadly, there are so many Taylors in Missouri, it is very difficult and time consuming to discern the correct Taylors for you. There were 112 John Taylors serving in the Civil War in Missouri. I think I may have found the correct Wesley Taylor.  This soldier is from Livingston and enrolled in Springfield, Missouri.”

Joseph Taylor stated in a Provost Marshal record that he “further state[s] that both of my said (unintelligible) have left this (unintelligible) having gone across the plains (unintelligible) left the state of his residence being unknown to me and I further state that I have two sons now in the military service of the United States. Joseph Taylor”.  I have not looked up the others yet.

According to this record Wesley Taylor enlisted Christmas Eve 1861.  He is seen on the 1860 census in Salt River Township with his brother James and family.Wesley TaylorS00904_2192

Wesley Taylor


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