Provost Marshal Records for Joseph Taylor of Livingston County, Missouri 1865

This record suggests Joseph Taylor was born in 1803, which is a year off from the book ““History of Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas” previously reported here which sounds legitimate to me.  It was given to me today by Mr. Baker Jr. in the Missouri Genealogy group on Facebook (His work can be seen here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GYIU6NS).  After struggling to understand it in context and Googling what it could mean I confessed to Mr. Baker that I didn’t know what the document was or what its significance could be.  All I got from it was that Joseph Taylor was probably arrested for something.  At the age of 62!

“The undersigned applicant states that he is a resident of the county of Livingston State of Missouri, Post Office address at Chillicothe, that he is 62 years of age. That during the month of July A.D. 1862 he was placed under Military Bonds to the United States in the sum of One Thousand dollars, with the limits of said bond, confined to the counties of Livingston & Daviess in Missouri, and that (unintelligible) for him on said bond. That he has never violated his bond, and he makes application praying that the limits of his said bond may be enlarged? to the loyal States and Territories for the reasons that he wants to move his residence to some other state. He also states that he is not subject to draft by the United States Very Respectfully, Your Obedient (unintelligible), Joseph Taylor
I further state that both of my said (unintelligible) have left this (unintelligible) having gone across the plains (unintelligible) left the state of his residence being unknown to me and I further state that I have two sons now in the military service of the United States. Joseph Taylor

Dennis of the Missouri History Museum‘s Library and Research Center filled in the blanks for me: “I filled in the portions that you noted as unintelligible: “I further state that both of my said sureties have left this state, Cravens [referred to as Thos. Cravens in the top portion of the document] having gone across the plains, Hicklin [referred to as F. Hicklin in the top part of the document] left the state.”

I THINK this reads
I THINK this reads “This old man lives in town and is a very quiet roll? desposed man. He was put under bond I understand for keeping (unintelligible) of his sons, for a day or two, who had been with the Confederates or was one I believe in 1861. I think the old gentleman is perfectly (unintelligible) consistent with (unintelligible) orders … I hope his prayers? may be granted”


10430906_593061107486947_8737567665849569604_nThe gentleman who shared these with me said  “It appears that they just paroled him to his home area and he wanted to go elsewhere. Most records are incomplete. He had probably either been arrested, or was just classified as “disloyal”. Most people with Southern roots were considered disloyal. I think the main objective of doing that was to make them post a large bond to “prove” they were loyal. People were sent to prison in St. Louis for toasting Jeff Davis in a bar, and nothing else…”

I am interested in the part where Joseph says he has two sons in the military service of the United States.  What does that mean?

UPDATE 19 July 2015:

Dennis responded to my email (with help stated above): “Based on the document that states “I have two sons now in the military service of the United States,” this certainly seems to suggest that he has two sons fighting on the Union side.”


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