A possible lead?

I’ve been entering different search terms into Google during my son’s naps and it may have finally paid off.  I stumbled upon this yesterday and am wondering if this could be Sarah Jane Taylor’s family.  If not, how huge of a coincidence is this?

I’ve been interested in this book that I’ve seen on CD on Ebay.  I have since found it is available on Archive.org free.

I found this entry for a Mr. James Taylor:

“Mr. Taylor has been three times married. His first wife was Polly Ann Brumnitt who died at Utica, Missouri. One of her three children survive: Mrs. Sarah J. Artega [sic], of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mr. Taylor’s second wife was Jeraldine M. Dennison. Her heirs are: Samuel G. Taylor, of Canon City, Colorado, and John W. Taylor, who died in Iola March 31, 1901. Mr. Taylor’s present wife was Maggie Shuey, whom he married in Johnson county, Kansas. To them was born one son who has been an invalid all his life.”   [source]

Crazy, right?


6 thoughts on “A possible lead?”

  1. Sarah Jane Taylor was my mother’s grandmother. Sarah married DIONICIO ORTEGA in Santa Fe, NM. It is Ortega—NOT Artega. My mother’s name was Carmen Ortega. This spelling should be corrected.

    1. Hi Ruth, have you seen my other blog posts? Who was your grandmother? Thanks for commenting, I hope to hear more from you!

      1. My grandmother was Lola Valencia Ortega. Her husband was Oracio Ortega (Dionicio and Sarah Jane’s son) born April, ??, 188?( this year has to be wrong, I don’t have all of my notes available), died: ??, ??, 1934 or 1935 of double walking pneumonia. His wife, Lola Valencia Ortega died exactly a year later on the same day and month of a stroke or heart attack. My mother was 14 when she was orphaned. By the way, Sarah’s husband’s name was NOT, Don, it was in fact, Dionicio, but was also known as: Leoroysio or Leonicio Ortega. I have found his name in a register of occupants of Taos Pueblo when he was in his late teens to early 20’s, which is north of Santa Fe, so yes, he is Puebloan. Sarah Jane Taylor was my great grandmother. Dionicio was my great grandfather. My mother, Carmen Ortega Abeyta, was Oracio Ortega’s youngest child. My mother was Sarah Jane’s granddaughter. My Mother, Carmen Ortega was born on 10/06/1920 in Santa Fe, NM, and passed away on 01/20/2002, in Alamogordo, NM. I plan to tap into the LDS genealogy resources and archives sometime this winter to research this family history. I am in touch with Bennie Blea and we will be sharing information with each other. Bennie’s mother and my mother were first cousins, both being Ortega and granddaughters of Sarah and Dionicio. Thanks for your info and I will be in touch through Bennie, as I am not sure who you are in all of this information.

      2. As a third great granddaughter directly descended from Sarah Jane Taylor, I inherited her mitochondrial DNA which started my interest in genealogy, particularly Sarah’s maternal line. I didn’t do genealogy until I participated in National Geographic’s Genographic Project.

        So far I have Mary Ann (possibly Brumnitt)-> Sarah Jane -> Ramona Ortega (marries Francisco Gonzales)-> Domitila Gonzales (marries Manuel Romero)-> Dolores Romero (marries Martinez but my grandfather is different)-> my mom April -> me.

        I’ve blogged about it extensively here because talking about it would drive my family insane. I’m glad you found this blog.

      3. Ok, I understand your lineage. You come from my Mom’s Aunt Ramoncita, or as Mama used to call her, “Mi Tia Ramoncita” (My Auntie Ramoncita). I know which house she used to live in, it is one house over from the house my Mom was born in: 129 Duran Street, Santa Fe, NM. I spent every summer of my youth in that house that my Auntie Jennie/Juanita Ortega Gonzales lived in. My grandfather built that house for his wife and children: Jacobo/Uncle Jake, Flora Ortega-Gutierrez, Sophia Ortega-Romero, Carlotta Ortega-Gurule, Isabel Ortega-Chavez, Juanita/Jane/Jennie Ortega-Gonzales, and my Mother Carmen Ortega-Abeyta who was the baby of the family. My grandpa Oracio Ortega was the Mayo Domo of the ditch system for irrigation from the Santa Fe River. Grandpa farmed and ran sheep in the foothills. I never knew my grandparents, they died in the mid thirties and I was born in 1949 in Santa Fe, NM. I will be sending you more information via email. I am LDS and plan to spend part of this winter working on my genealogy using the LDS archives and resources. I will be sharing what I find with you and with Bennie. By the way, my name is Theresa/Terry Ruth Abeyta Taylor. I recently divorced and took back my maiden name of Abeyta and added my Great Grandmother Sarah’s maiden name of Taylor. For future researchers into our family history I’m sure this will be confusing, but this is what I wanted to do. My married name used to be Torres, a name I wish not to be associated with any longer. Thank you for your communication regarding this subject that has long interested me. I am excited to learn more. Please feel free to email directly. And what is your name?
        Thanks! Terry Abeyta Taylor

      4. I will email you later today, thanks for your information! It is a pleasure to internet meet you and I think it’s great that you reclaimed your name!

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