The Mystery of Juana Ortega/Sarah Taylor

I’ve previously written about this here and haven’t gotten much further.  My DNA tests haven’t helped much because, of the matches that I’m sure are related through Sarah Taylor, we haven’t been able to establish a clear connection between our families.

I asked my grandmother to test because Sarah was her great-grandmother and so hopefully the results will help.  Also, they are having a big sale effective until Dec 31 (Family Finder $199 compared to $289) so I didn’t feel very bad about spending the money so close to the holidays.  Thankfully my family isn’t too judgmental about it.  I felt guilty at the time of purchase, but now I’m excited to see the results.  FTDNA received the kit yesterday but I’m sure they are very busy with all the orders coming in.

Juanita Ortega/Sarah Taylor Death Certificate

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