Other places to play with your autosomal data

Hello Readers, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting!  It’s fun to look at this blog’s stats and see the diversity of places you are all connecting from, US and international.  I appreciate your patronage!

Check out all these cool free toys from Interpretome.  These things are addicting.  The clinical aspect is interesting too, and was also consistent with Promethease (which is either $2 or free but takes a long time).

Back to Interpretome.  Be warned, you have to use unzipped (not .csv) files for Interpretome, but you can unzip your data with 7-zip.  If you use the .csv file you will get a generic result that may not make sense to you.  I followed the directions found at this forum for the Europe specific things because it seems to give a clearer picture than the options for the most variation (basically choosing PC1 for the X axis, and PC4 for the Y).

We’ll start with HapMap World

It places me (little black box) between Mexican and Central Europe which is consistent with Family Tree DNA’s analysis.

Now we’ll move on to Africa

The cluster around my black dot is North African, which was consistent with FTDNA’s analysis as well.

Human Genome Diversity Project: Europe

Also consistent with FTDNA. Other than Basque, note the lack of Spanish samples. I think this is why many Spanish people are skewing toward France (though my family does claim some French). Then again, they share a border so yeah there would be a lot of mixing. I’ve heard rumors that there will be a big update to samples this coming year to give people a better idea of European genetics. Hopefully Spanish will sort itself out. Or Spain and France are closer genetically than most people would be comfortable to admit :) It’s all good.

And finally POPRES European:

There are a few Hungarian, German, Belgian, and Austrian flags underneath the UK flags in my cluster. A friend asked me about that when she separately ran my data, but I didn’t know what to tell her.

Under the “Explore” tab you can see how many Neanderthal markers you have:

It’s ok, Neanderthal Man. Some of your genes persist to this day.

As for chromosome paintings, I think Gedmatch is better (more detail).

My FTDNA results for comparison.

What do you think?

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