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Grandpa Benny’s People

It’s difficult finding information on Grandpa. He didn’t speak English, I don’t speak Spanish. Good times. He had this fun habit of butchering English words, particularly bad words such as motherfucker. He would say “muthafucky” and it is now one of my favorite bad words.  He died when I was 11 and I didn’t take the opportunity to really ask him about his family history.  So when a Family Finder match turned out to be a relative of his I was really happy.  She told me that the family actually goes back to Mexico relatively recently, so I double-checked Grandpa Benny’s mother, a relative I thought was born in Texas and sure enough, she was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico!  I went to the resource FamilySearch (free!) and this is what I found about Grandpa Benny’s mother, Francisca Garza:

Her baptism in 1881
Record of Marriage for her parents, Candelario Garza and Felicitas Cantu
Baptism Record for her father Candelario Garza listing his parents, Froilan de la Garza and Rita Martinez

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