Cousins found through Family Finder

Family Finder indeed!  I have been in constant contact with 3 cousins, all on my mother’s side, who have offered some great information and insight into my family history.  One lovely woman is related to me through my Grandpa Bernardo (mom’s dad) who I loved very much and miss every day.  She has a beautiful family and hates texting and facebook.  One Native American gentleman by the surname of Thundereagle is related to me through the Romero and Gonzales line on my mom’s side.   And the person who has offered the most information upfront is a gentleman who shares the ancestral surname Taylor with me.  He has told me it’s taken 30+ years to break through some of the Taylor brick walls he’s had so I’m in this for the long haul.  First, he’s told me about his direct ancestor: “A. Taylor was my ancestor.  He was born in England but eventually found his way to Kansas where he was a farmer, attorney, judge, legislator, and an activist for the Labor Unions.”  Respect.  This is his latest correspondence:

“My 3rd great-grandfather, A. Taylor had 3 sons – C, W and A Jr.  None of them had a daughter named Sarah and none of them had granddaughters named Sarah.    We have identified all descendants of C and W and none of them matches to your family.  A Jr. was born 1862, did not marry and died young.  C and W lived for many years in the state of Kansas as did their father and their sister, M Taylor Cramer.

So, let’s look at A’s brothers.  J, KH Jr. and Wm, J stayed in Ohio and raised a small family – a son named T (born 1860) and daughter, ME.  KH Taylor Jr. stayed in New Jersey and died young in the year 1845.  Before he died, though, he had one child, a son, CA. Taylor who also stayed in New Jersey (1844-1888).  He was born 1844 and did not marry.  A’s other brother, Wm, was born 1822 and we know nothing about him and his family.  We have not been able to trace him or find him anywhere.  Perhaps when we find Wm he may hold the key to your Sarah.

The next place we need to look for a Taylor relationship would be A’s uncles.  Unfortunately we do not know their names, but we are trying to find them.  A’s father, KH Taylor, emigrated from Bedfordshire, England around 1828 with a large family.  We are confident he came here to be with other members of his family…. We just don’t know who they are.  Perhaps your Sarah is one of the K’s brother’s descendants.  One place you could start to look would be in New Jersey (Essex County) as that is where the Taylors lived before them moved to Ohio and then on to Kansas.  They also had some connection to Pittsburgh, PA, so check there, too.

Eventually you are going to have to scour the 1870 and 1880 census to find every Sarah Taylor in Kansas (I am doing this now!  My cousin and I are on the same wavelength :)  ).  You probably need to look at every James Taylor in Kansas.  If he is related to me, then he or his parents would be from England or New Jersey.  Let me know what you find.  What year did she get married?  Any thoughts on how she got to New Mexico?  The Taylors were a very pioneering bunch so I would guess that her father took her to NM.  You may find him there, too.

Good luck and I wish you perseverance and patience.  It took me 30 years to break through on my Taylor but now I have  flood gate.

Take care

Your Cousin”

The people who have returned my emails have been so generous with their time and their knowledge.  I am almost up to par with the Taylor connection (well, not counting 30 years), but I need to do more research to catch up with my relative through Grandpa Benny and I need to do some background research for my Thundereagle relation.  I’m very happy to have “met” these people.  I am bummed I haven’t found anyone on my dad’s side.  I guess his people just haven’t tested.

On another note, a Haplogroup V person told me to try running my raw data through Eurogenes K12b because it includes Finnish and Lithuanian populations.  Here are the population clusters:

Western European – Cornwall
Siberian – Central Siberia
East African – Masaai
West Central Asian – Balochistan
South Asian – South India
West African – Nigeria
Caucasus – Georgia
Finnish – Eastern Finland
Mediterranean – Sardinia
Southwest Asian – Bedouin
North European – Lithuania
East Asian – Eastern China

Again, I am definitely more Native American than anything else (this is where Siberian and East Asian comes in, it was a long journey to the Americas), but it is difficult to trace this ancestry if you have not been affiliated with a tribe within the last few generations.  They are, understandably, wary of people claiming Native ancestry, brown skin or not.

K12b Map

And here is another view of my BGA scatterplot from Dr. McDonald.  I don’t think I understand how to read it properly:

This rotation is a slightly better view of the European populations. From another view it is clear that my point leans more toward the Native American side.

On yet another note I can’t get this song out of my head.  It is both sad and beautiful.  I heard it’s about Florence Welch’s grandmother, is that true?


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