Analysis by Dr. McDonald and Eurogenes

I appreciate Dr. McDonald providing this free service. He even sent the results to me faster than I expected him to.  Here is his analysis.  Some of the tools he used were cool.

breakdown by chromosome
I couldn’t get a very good image of this, but it rotates around the test person dot. You can see it leans more toward the Native American side.

This is what he wrote to me:

Most likely fit is 37.5% (+/-  0.7%) Europe (all Western Europe)

and  2.5% (+/-  0.5%) E. Asia (various subcontinents)

and 49.3% (+/-  0.2%) America (all Native (Central) American)

and 10.7% (+/-  0.8%) Mideast (all North Africa)

This is very typical Latin American. The Siberian/Asian column seen above is not real … it just is “modifying” the nature of the American a bit. You should simply add the amount to the Mayan.

The following are possible population sets and their fractions, most likely at the top:

Spain= 0.370    Altai= 0.036     Maya= 0.490 Moroccan= 0.103 (Spain 37%, Maya 52.6%, Moroccan 10.3% according to Dr. McDonald) or

Spain= 0.373 Mongolian= 0.031     Maya= 0.492 Moroccan= 0.104 or

French= 0.357    Yakut= 0.025     Maya= 0.488 Moroccan= 0.131 or

He did say these were possible populations.  I think this analysis was not as in-depth on either my Native American side or my European side as I would have liked.  But it narrowed my North African down quite a bit, right?  This would make sense because of the Moors.

So I went to GEDMatch (who are in need of funding to provide all of these tools) and used their calculator:

I used this program because I like how it differentiated between the different parts of Europe.  Too bad something like this doesn’t exist for Native American populations, but they have their reasons for not wanting to participate in these studies and it’s important to honor that.

So it’s easier to trace European genetics compared to Native American and that’s what I will do.  A new cousin of mine asked me if I know what tribes I am associated with and I told her I didn’t.  She told me about her grandmother’s tribe in Mexico and I thought that was really nice.  My family distanced themselves from their Native roots because of internalized racism and I’m sad that I don’t have that knowledge.  I feel like even if my some miracle I were to find what tribes I am descended from it would be too late to do anything about it.

I chose Eurogenes K10 because the breakdown of Europe is pretty detailed compared to Dr. McDonald’s “all of Western Europe” classification.  Here are the populations that make up the EK10 analysis:

This helped me separate Spain, which would be Mediterranean (14.22%) from the North Atlantic (17.24%).  The North Atlantic lineage is what I assume I inherited from Sarah Taylor, although I did estimate that I probably inherited only 3% of her genetic material so I could be wrong.  The Eurogenes blog explains populations here.


I didn’t send Dr. McDonald my X-chromosome data so I emailed it to him today, 10/31, to see if he’ll redo my chromosome painting.  Can’t blame him if he doesn’t; I didn’t think to send it to him!


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