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Family Finder Results In!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my FF results were in this morning. Thank you Family Tree DNA!

I am so happy to have such a high Native American percentage.  My dad’s side is from Puebla and Monterrey so that wasn’t a surprise but to be over half means my mom’s side is more Native than I thought (or at least more than my mom looks, which obviously doesn’t mean a lot).  And I AM IRRATIONALLY PSYCHED ABOUT BEING 13% MOZABITE! UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ Sorry about the caps.  I feel like this:

I sent my results to Dr. McDonald so that he may work his magic science on them.

I’ve had a few false leads in my search for Sara J. Taylor, but I did receive her death certificate last week.  It says that she was about 65 when she died and that she lived in Santa Fe for 47 years, so she would have been about 18 when she got there.  Her mother was unknown but her father was James Taylor and it also states that Sara was born in Tula (Tooley’s Ferrey, Wyandotte County?) Kansas.  Remember the 1920 census states that she was from Missouri. She died June 20, 1927 and was buried in Rosario Cemetery on the 23rd.  Thanks to this website I know she is buried in section C1 as Sarah J. Taylor Ortega, though it claims she was 70.  I hope to visit her grave sometime.  Her husband Dionicio Ortega was the informant.

Thanks to FTDNA I have 131 matches for Family Finder.  Most of them are from lines I already know of such as Ortega, Romero, Gonzales, but there are a few English and American Taylors as well as German, Scottish, and Irish surnames I’m not familiar with.  I’ve emailed about 17 people (many of them from the established lines because they seem to be looking for Native American family).  Hopefully someone responds.  I am slightly surprised about the lack of Northern European in my profile because I was really starting to believe the family legends about Sara of Haplogroup V being Dutch or German.  She did fall outside of the reach of the test, but I’m not sure that is the only reason it didn’t show up in my results.  Oh well, I am quite happy with what was passed down to me.


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