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Clan Velda

Another helping hand from my fellow Veldas.  Someone mentioned I should download my FASTA file ( lower right corner of the results page FTDNA) and run the results through for deeper clues that I might belong to a subclade.  I know I would have to test the coding region for a true placement into a subclade, but the possibilities shown to me through this website are interesting:

I do have extra mutations in the tested regions, which negatively affects your match score, but I don’t have any mismatches at this level. There is a possibility I might belong to subclade V7!

Then I went to PhyloTree to see the defining mutations for this subclade:

The defining mutations for V7 are 93G in HVR2 which I have, and 7444A in the coding region, which I have not had tested at this time.

So I went to look at the V7s participating in FTDNA’s haploproject:

There are very few V7s, but the groups further give clues as to where others may be found.  Looking at the person from Turkey I don’t see an 93G so I wonder what was going on there.  Coding region mutation only?  I don’t know.  My mutations could be a splinter group or private mutations only to our family.  As I’ve mentioned before, our family story is that Sara Taylor, despite her surname, was Dutch or German.


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