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Good Luck Family Tree DNA!

I received my HVR2 results today which was exciting.  Though not very exciting because I haven’t had the coding region tested (FGS) to see if I fit into a subclade or am just V*.  One nice lady in the Haplogroup V Facebook group shared her Ancestral Origins list with me for HVR1 which I would assume to be about typical for someone who is just V*:

Country                   Match Total                Country Total                  Percentage               Comments
Denmark                           1                                 646                                  0.2%
England                             8                                 8,351                               0.1%
France                               3                                  2,873                              0.1%
Germany                          8                                  9,110                               0.1%
Ireland                             13                                7,076                              0.2%
Italy                                   2                                  3,033                              0.1%
Scotland                            5                                 3,462                               0.1%
Spain                                  4                                  1,424                               0.3%
Sweden                              1                                  1,644                               0.1%
Switzerland                      1                                  1,121                               0.1%
United Kingdom           11                                6,022                               0.2%                 Shetland Islands (1)
United States                   1                                 2,109                           < 0.1 %
Wales                                  1                                  780                                  0.1%                  British (1)
No matches were found.

Even accounting for her less common HVR1 mutations, if any, I would assume someone who is V* would have a lot of representation throughout Western Europe as this woman does.  As my results only indicated 1 person in Netherlands and 1 person in Germany I assume I either belong to a subclade or no one from my very specific maternal clan has been tested.  Ever.  In the history of genetic testing for genealogical purposes.  Or I’m just straight up a freak of nature.  I guess that’s a possibility.  Here are my HVR1 & 2 results:

As for Family Finder, I received another swab kit unexpectedly around the 15th so I swabbed and sent it back on the 18th.  The letter that came with it explained they would need another sample since FF uses up a lot of DNA.  It irked me that they didn’t send me an email so I knew to look out for a kit in the mail.  On top of that, I emailed them to see if they have received the kit yet since it was supposed to be there by the 21st.  They say they haven’t received it and if they don’t notify me that they have by next week I have to email them and they will send another kit.  Where is my DNA?  That’s a little scary.  When they actually have your kit they do good work.  Slow, but good.  Other than that, their business operations are a little suspect.  It’s kind of a shitty way to treat paying customers.  It’s not like we are getting this information for free.

So myFTDNA tells me the FF test is in progress and results are expected 10/29/2012 which obviously won’t be the case because of this delay.  Today I received this in my email:

I took the survey and left most of it blank.  I’m not sure if they started FF with my current DNA sample or if they are just fucking with me.  Whatever, I’ll just wait and see if the kit comes this week or not.  The survey was weird, by the way.  I was only able to answer where my grandparents were from with absolute certainty.  As to ethnicity questions, I left most of them blank since Latinos are such a diverse group.  What we look like on the outside is not what we are genetically a lot of times, more so than the average person of another heritage, I think.  I don’t know of any Jewish or African people, but I can’t rule it out, you know?  They did not ask me about my great-grandparents either.  So good luck Family Tree DNA!

The cynic in me kind of thinks they’ll just take the survey information and those will be your results.


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