In Which I Complain about Canas, Two-Toned Hair, and Delayed DNA Results

I received a note from Family Tree DNA regarding my mtDNA refine test: “If we already have your sample, your mtDNA test is in progress and results are expected soon. We have recently experienced a communication error in the computer program that transmits the data from the lab to our mtDNA Specialist. This has now been resolved. Consequently, our mtDNA tests are taking a little longer to process. We apologize for the delay, we are working diligently to get you the highest quality results.”

I was expecting the result on Monday but it is now pushed back to mid-October.  And I was hoping to get my Family Finder results around Halloween but I got a surprise in the mail on Saturday:

FTDNA said my previous sample wasn’t enough to do Family Finder and I needed to submit another sample.

So I don’t think I’ll get my results for that within the projected time-frame either.

In other news, I think this is a cana smack in the front.

Especially the one on the far left. Canas already? Grandma is 85 and only has a skunk patch near the front. Boo.

And my hair is two-toned in general.  It’s always been like this but lately has been grating on my nerves.  The top/extended root area is dark and the bottom is brown.  I like both very much but wish my hair would just pick one already.

It makes me look like I color my hair but am too lazy to take care of my roots.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Complain about Canas, Two-Toned Hair, and Delayed DNA Results”

    1. Wow that sucks! Is your Haplogroup very complicated? Maybe you have extra mutations and they just want to be sure about your placement… I do think the way they suggest when your results are due isn’t very good. Some members said that it’s based on the date your sample was batched and isn’t reflective of the true time it can take to analyze a sample. Even if that were the case, 3 months is a long time! Please come back and share your results when you get them :) Hopefully soon!

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