Ancestry “Matches”

I’ve loaded my results on to to see some of the family information on possible haplogroup matches.  Results at HVR1 are very fuzzy in terms of temporal distance of ancestors (very far back) so I’m not expecting much.  That is one advantage to having a smaller haplogroup though, much of the information I’ve gathered has been somewhat relevant if not thoroughly interesting.  One of the things I don’t understand about is why I’m getting “matches” from other haplogroups if I’ve only submitted my maternal information.  For example, one gentleman was my match with zero differences but when I compared our HVR1 mutations they were complete opposites.

The printable information available on Ancestry is kind of cool.
Nice map

I like the two African-American guys in the European group.  I know that feel, bro.

I have two Ancestral Origins matches in the FTDNA database at this time. I wonder how my HVR2 results will change this?

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