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My Mitochondrial DNA Projects

I am now participating in 4 Family Tree DNA projects.  It is possible to go to their website and search surnames to see if there is a corresponding project; in some cases it is possible to contact the administrators to find discounts on testing.’s facebook page is also currently holding a drawing for a chance at free testing which is definitely worth checking out.

Here’s some of the data on those projects.

This is a Haplogroup V distribution map. Haplogroup HV with the 16298C and 72C marks are included because HV precedes V.
Haplogroup V is thought to have originated in the northern Iberian Peninsula during the Late Glacial & Postglacial periods.

This is the Iberian Peninsula project which catalogs the different families and groups that have migrated through or originated on Iberia.  The goals of this project are numerous so the link is there for you to check it out.  It is also the largest Hispanic DNA project on FTDNA, as well as the largest genetics study on people with ancestry traced to the Iberian Peninsula in the world.  Including me, 25 total individuals of Haplogroup V are listed in the results table.

The Haplogroups of New Mexico

The furthest back I can document my maternal line is to my great grandmother (a Gonzalez) who was born in New Mexico.  Beyond that, the family story is that her grandmother was a Dutch immigrant (or at least northwesten European) but I have no tangible evidence to back up this family story.  So that is why I am participating in the New Mexico DNA projectrather than a European project.  The administrators for this and the Iberian project have been wonderful and welcoming.  These two are actually sister projects and the NM project is the second largest Hispanic DNA project on FTDNA. It is also one of the few DNA projects that has an anthropological geneticist consultant on staff for genetic results.  The results page is fabulous, by the way.  Including me, 7 total individuals of Haplogroup V are listed in the results table.

Mitochondrial haplogroups of the various Gonzalez families.

Since the earliest maiden name I have documentation of is Gonzales, I am participating in this project.  I am the only Haplogroup V member listed in the results table at this time.  There are a few Haplogroup HV members as well.

*Update* I quit the Gonzales surname project.

Surname projects are specifically for the Y-chromosome to see how different clusters of same surname families relate to one another, but projects often welcome women to join them for information on the mitochondrial contributions to the families and also because women tend to be the record-keepers. While there was no pressure whatsoever to provide any records, I don’t feel I know enough about my Gonzales family to participate in the project.


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