Drama, Immigration

Change of Address Forms?

DH’s family was called in to ICE’s Phoenix Enforcement and Removal Office today (2035 N. Central Ave 85004). We had known about the appointment since the beginning of the month and tried figuring out exactly what was going to occur when they arrived. DH, his brother, and his mother were the only people called in. His father, the main applicant, was not summoned.

Those of you familiar with USCIS probably know that unless your name is on the summons you aren’t allowed inside the building at all. So my father-in-law and I waited outside this morning for about an hour.  I was expecting bad or neutral news so I was happy to see them exit the building, DH’s younger brother was visibly disappointed in not having any good news.  He was hoping that their order of removal would be dropped under the Obama Administration’s exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

There was a lot of speculation leading up to the appointment with those of the glass-half-full variety suspecting some grand move by ICE while the-sky-is-falling crowd (me) imagined the family being forcibly removed.

What actually occurred was: the three mentioned were asked to fill out change of address forms if necessary (they weren’t).  What the hell is that?  They do that sort of thing by mail or online.  I think this is a bullshit cover story.  I have this pessimistic idea that ICE is calling people in and, if the situation dictates so, are detaining and removing people immediately.  Has anyone else experienced this?  One can never be too sure with that wily bunch.


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