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The Scheme Evolves

It has been said that women make for better bloggers because they speak more and share their feelings easily.  I’m sure you have noticed this is not the case for me or this blog.  A lot of my posts communicate concepts, describe occurrences, or call for action.  I like to outline and explain things to my readers.  That’s about it.  There are few deep posts here not because I am shallow, but because my brain is oriented for observation rather than expression.  Some think this makes for a boring, superficial blog but I am grateful for having the space to tell you about or show you things I think are important/ interesting.

I was always the person who would rather do a lab or gather information than any other activity.  You know, the annoying person with the to-do list who picks apart topics rather than focusing on the whole.  This is probably why I am much more comfortable writing an explanation about something or focus on objectives rather than tell you what I’m feeling.  My husband does this too and I realized one day that I sometimes misinterpret this as condescending behavior, assuming I don’t get the point.  This is just his way of communicating, and it’s really not that different from my own.  Readers, do you ever get the feeling I am patronizing you?  Do I over-explain things?  I’m sorry if I do, you know the topics better than I do in most cases.  Explaining a concept makes me understand it better and helps me plan around it.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about our crackpot scheme to escape Arizona.  I took the Pharmacy Technician Certification exam yesterday and passed.  It will take a few weeks to get the certificate in (my picture looks awful by the way.  I’m gonna lie and say I was sick) but after that all I have to do is apply to the state in which I want to practice.  Woohoo!

I had a job interview today and I’m still not sure why I agreed to it.  It’s with a marketing company we’ll call Amalgamate.  They found my resume online and decided I was “scientific enough” to make a good data analyst so I thought, what the hell.  The interview went well enough until the second interviewer told me he’s uncomfortable hiring me because he thinks I’m going to blow them off once something good in my field comes along.  Couldn’t that be true of about anyone who walks through the door?  I would consider taking the job for a couple of months if it is offered (it won’t be).  The actual job itself sounds fun, but the fast pace marketing part does not.  Good analysis is built on careful observation and attention to detail in order to discern trends and make solid hypotheses.  The process should not be rushed.

3 thoughts on “The Scheme Evolves”

  1. I hear you – taking a job because you need to fund your dreams is not the way you want to feel about work. It’s so disappointing to realize you’re doing something that you didn’t imagine, especially after going to school. But hey if it gets you guys where you want to go, maybe it’s worth it.

    1. You get it; that’s exactly how I feel. I’m ok not going into biology (that’s why I opted for pharm tech, it’s interesting and the pay should be ok) but the rub was how dismissive they were. I had never heard of this company before, got a phone call last week from them saying they needed someone with a quantitative background, and showed up for the interview.

      The lady who interviewed me was cool, but then she handed me over to the HR guy. As soon as he sat down he said, “We usually make people come back for the second interview, but we won’t make you come back.” That’s when I knew they weren’t going to offer the job to me. I know HR schedules interviews they aren’t expecting to lead to anything so they appear to be working, but I was still angry. It feels good to bitch about it.

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