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Change of Plans

Since DH’s case (case 1) has been in the 9th Circuit for so long, the last plan in place was for me to finish school & find a job, and for DH to continue working and taking classes.  The worst case scenario we had planned for was an enforced order of removal in the family’s case, so we were hoping he would be able to finish a 2 year degree (some schools abroad that we were looking at would accept them for transfer).  This was kind of dependent upon my finding a job abroad with my life sciences degree; at least if we were suddenly living abroad we wouldn’t be completely shit out of luck.  I have seen people get by with less so I figured we could be ok too.

We at least had a place to live, DH’s job, and his classes here.  We were going to stand strong and I would eventually find a job, even if it was a temporary job not in my field (I have since been told I am unqualified to be a housekeeper.  I’d like that employer to know I am good at keeping house, thank you very mucho.).

Things we did not consider:

  1. I would be unemployed for so long
  2. Arizona really sucks
  3. Fate and reality would conspire against us

I am in my 6th month of job deficiency and while DH’s job has been good (great boss, nice coworkers, overall good opportunity that other people don’t have so we’re grateful) it won’t be enough if it’s all we have.

The Maricopa Community College Board decided to raise tuition rates for undocumented students “out of state students taking less than 6 credits a semester”  (previously blogged about here) so DH can’t attend school anymore.  He is 4 classes away from an A.S.  This reinforces point number 2.

All we have left here is DH’s job which is hardly anything at all.  We can’t stay here and do nothing.  Maybe it’s a little desperate and dumb considering we could hear from the 9th Circuit soon, but we’re thinking of leaving.  I am currently studying at home for a Pharmacy Tech certification and if I’m able to do it, we might be able to move to a state with lower tuition rates in the next 2-3 months.  We have a couple in mind, and students are given in-state residency (for tuition purposes) if their spouses are residents of those states.  We think this would apply to us but haven’t heard back from the admissions councilors yet.  In any case their out-of-state tuition rates are half of ours anyway.  This could all be a huge waste of resources if DH’s family is to be deported but it beats sitting around waiting for them to decide how we live our lives.

So here goes nothing.

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