I hope New Zealand saw this before the rapture…

We still have a few hours.  The good (good enough for rapture?) people at SprocketInk have posted this helpful guide for post-rapture looting.  It’s full of things I would have not considered as I haven’t really thought about looting in the past, for example:

Do not be that guy caught on camera, running down the street, lugging 2 televisions in his arms yelling, “I GOT SOME TVs! I GOT SOME TVs!”, a cord dangling behind him. This is clumsy looting and must be avoided. Don’t make looting look bad like that.

This would probably make you an easy target for zombies or whatever tribulation goons are wandering around.  Worth a look if you want to cash in on the opportunity or trade up your house or something.


2 thoughts on “I hope New Zealand saw this before the rapture…”

    1. Yes, damn them! I guess you could try dumpster diving, it’s a lot smellier and not quite as illegal in some places so that all sucks. Once my friend J and I were passing by some skeezy cellphone shop and spotted inflatable cells and pagers (a loooong time ago, haha) in the dumpster. They were very random and in good condition so I took them home with me. They ended up at the Goodwill sometime later though, because really, who needs junk like that?

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