Bright Spots of Good News

Representative Kavanagh decided to put in place a plan that would put Balbir Singh Sodhi‘s name back on the memorial should his legislation be signed by Brewer.

From Jim Walsh’s article:

“I apologized for dredging up the sorrow once again. I apologized for any misunderstanding,” Kavanagh said.

Rana Singh Sodhi said he appreciates Kavanagh’s apology and his offer to correct the error if Brewer signs the bill.

The TUSD board meeting was disrupted by student activists and will be postponed until May 5th!  View the article and video by Three Sonorans:
The good stuff starts at 7:05.  I love Tucson, with its old hippies and Baja Arizona dreams.

From Alternet: Arizona Witch Hunt Showdown on Tuesday: Exclusive Interviews with Ethnic Studies Teachers

“Despite the fact that a costly state-commissioned audit has been delayed and largely discredited, and a new federal suit has recently been filed by the affected Mexican American Studies teachers, the once defiant Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) governing board could buckle under the state’s bullying and consider a resolution that effectively castrates one of their district’s most acclaimed programs.

Only months ago, TUSD officials vowed to “fight to the end” against the bizarre HB2281 law passed by the extremist Tea Party-controlled Arizona state legislature, which bans any school program that advocates the overthrow of the government. TUSD superintendent John Pedicone had defiantly challenged: “How can we be out of compliance with a law that’s unconstitutional?”

That sentiment seems to have waned quickly, as Arizona’s rabid state administrators ramped up threats to cut $15 million from the TUSD budget for any program non-compliance with the new law.”

The Administration might be asking ICE to take it a little easier on undocumented students who have not committed crimes.  Some students have seen their deportation orders halted recently.  The NY Times article is here.

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