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Half Way Through the Semester

Hola Readers,

I have been a bad blogger as of late.  School and work are keeping me super busy so I’m taking a break from blogging (at least on Tell the Journey unless something interesting comes up).  I have an epic field trip tomorrow for soil ecology and a midterm in genetics on Tuesday so even though I really want to share food pics and recipes with you I don’t know if I’ll have time.  I still owe you pretzels and I’m very behind on that! 

This week is the hump week, the half-way point of the semester.  Those of you who are exiles know how difficult being an expat can be, particularly if you don’t have some skill or degree your country or another might want.  DH is so freaking smart it kills me he has to go to school at a snail’s pace thanks to prop 300, though we are lucky he has a work permit and can go to school at all seeing as how not every immigrant can do so.  Right now we do not make enough money for him to go to school full-time since he would have to pay out-of-state tuition.  And though he is a 4.0 GPA student in a hard science, something this country needs more of,  he does not qualify for any type of scholarships which makes it difficult for us to finance his education.  So if/when we get deported it will be up to me find a way for us to make ends meet since I will be the one with a higher “paper value” (I stole that concept from Corin, she described it as being the person who looks better on paper) only if I have a degree

DH only has basic Bulgarian language skills.  He can read cyrillic in a newspaper for example, but with some difficulty.  As you already know, he left Bulgaria when he was about 8 years old and then learned English in South Africa; he has spoken,  written, and read this as his main language ever since.  If we went to Bulgaria to stay it would be very difficult for him to learn the language well enough to attend university and I would have a hard time finding a job.  This is why we were thinking of trying to live in another English-speaking country if we have to leave the US.  But as we have seen, sometimes things are not this simple.

So, with case #1 possibly coming to an end soon, the race is on and the goal is in sight…

No, not Chance. He is not the goal. So close to the end!


What do you think?

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