In the Kitchen

Bulgarian Rhapsody: Mekitsi and Hefeweizen

This was one of the meals DH made for me out of the blue before we were married.  I had mentioned to him that I was craving Navajo Fried Bread but the best, most authentic place in our area kept weird hours and I was sure it was closed.  DH to the rescue!

Unlike the Navajo traditional bread Mekitsi contain yeast, yogurt, and vinegar so the flavors are a little different.  Like the Navajo style, you can put almost anything you want on your individual mekitsa.  I usually like beans and salsa while DH keeps it traditional.

*Update:  DH’s hefeweizen turned out very well!

Homemade lyutenitsa, kyopolo, and Bulgarian feta
Beans, yogurt, queso, and homemade salsa verde

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