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Gratuitous Bread Pictures part 3

The picture posting formula is something like n=x-1 where n is the number of pictures that show up but x is the number uploaded.  So I had 5 pictures but only 4 were published.  So I trashed the post and uploaded 4 pictures but only 3 showed up…

Toasted with butter and fig jam.

2 thoughts on “Gratuitous Bread Pictures part 3”

  1. haha, thanks. i love the pic of you guys on the seesaw, you’re right, nerds! but very cute :) so you are in Arizona? what on earth are you doing there?! worst place on the planet to be! but immigration, i dont think there is a single human alive who sped through it. not sure if i’ll ever be ready for us to move to the US :S nice to meet you! will keep in touch with your blog :)

    1. Thank you Mallory, it was nice “meeting” you as well and I am very excited to link to you for my food readers. Everyone be sure to check out The Salty Cod! Best pictures ever!

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