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Bulgarian Rhapsody: Кьопоолу

Kyopolo is described as a Bulgarian relish or “caviar” made of eggplant, bell pepper, and garlic.  I like to think of it as a salsa, so I eat it with tortilla chips.  DH was at first skeptical of this but has come around to it.  We also eat it with bread, pita, or by itself as a salad.   

Kyopolo on tortilla chip scoops.


When this little guy grows up he too will be Кьопоолу.


Flanders Red Ale from DH's vault. It was very sour, sour beers take over a year to properly ferment giving it that distinct sour flavor. My glass is on the left; you can see it is a little redder because I add raspberry syrup (Torani) to it. So good!


A beautiful evening after rain.

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