Musical Instrument Museum: Africa

DH and I went to the Musical Instrument Museum this weekend and had a blast.  I’m not a musician, but DH is (bass) so I thought I would struggle to keep myself engaged in the collections.  I was so wrong!  The MIM does an excellent job of connecting music to culture (seems like an obvious thing but they do it so well) so even those with little interest in music are taken by history and culture.  We were there over 4 hours and still didn’t see everything we wanted to and we do plan on going back sometime.  I can’t wait!   

The MIM’s galleries are grouped by continent so DH and I followed the path out of Africa that humanity took through Eurasia and Oceania, Asia, and Europe.  We didn’t get through all of Europe nor did we get to much of the Americas this time around.   

Next post: Eurasia  



"Music is the language of the soul."


Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone



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