In the Kitchen

Gratuitous Pictures

I’ve had a bit too much to drink considering it is only 3:30 in the afternoon…  We are thinking about making a stout, rose mead, and a red wine soon and I’m very excited about it. 

DH's Ukrainian coworker knows a Ukrainian lady who collects wild mushrooms in Flagstaff and kindly offered us some. We took them, ate them, and are still alive so this nice lady knows what she is doing!


We made a mushroom alfredo with them.


Mint and chocolate ice cream using mint from our garden.


Cheese- Bulgarian Kashkaval. This one was nice and creamy.


DH's reaction (more to my picture-taking than the cheese).


Considering the cheese.


Mystery beer from DH's vault. He estimates it has aged 3 years, it turned out to be a cherry and vanilla stout. It was so freaking good! Stouty stout stout.


Bell pepper mead. Surprisingly mellow!

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