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Homebrewing Photos part 1

DH is a homebrewer but the last time he made beer was almost a year ago for our wedding.  He decided to make a hefeweizen because he had ingredients lying around for a weizenbock which is a strong (high alcohol) beer but he would have needed more yeast to get more alcohol from it.  So the plan is to ferment this hefeweizen and take the “started” yeast from it for the weizenbock in two weeks.  This is basically a ploy to get more yeast and  have beer to drink in the meantime.  This is why I married him. ; )  

Grain. German Wheat and Barley.


The Mash. Here enzymes break down starches into sugar (glucose and maltose).


R's dog, Little Robot. Cute!


The mash working up a layer of protein.


Hallertau hops

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