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All to hell we must sail for the shores of sweet Barbados

Our very own Sheriff Joe Arpayaso Arpaio will not cooperate with the US Department of Justice in their investigation into his immigration enforcement practices and civil rights violations.  The USDoJ has given him until August 17th to comply before suing his ass.

This is lovely news!  We are constantly bombarded with his presence and simple-minded ideas on law enforcement.  Lately, we have also had to put up with his campaign ads despite him not being up for re-election until 2012.  Yes, he is not facing an election until 2012 but is currently running campaign ads saying:

Joe Arpaio has been our sheriff for 17 years and led the fight against illegal immigration.  Now he’s running for a sixth term, but he desperately needs your help.  Special-interest groups and politicians like Rick Romley oppose Sheriff Joe’s policies on enforcing our illegal-immigration laws and desperately want Sheriff Arpaio out of office. Romley even demanded that our governor veto SB 1070. Rick Romley: Just wrong. Support and vote for Sheriff Joe Arpaio to enforce our laws.

Well, as stated by Rick Romley himself, this tactic is illegalWhat part of illegal does he not understand?

The album Float was much more political than Flogging Molly’s previous albums and in this song Dave sings about Oliver Cromwell’s genocide in Ireland, including the massacres of Drogheda & Wexford and deportation of  50,000 Irish (including children) as slaves to Barbados and Bermuda.  I’m not saying Arpaio and Cromwell are comparable in atrocities, just highlighting a group of people who were treated terribly not that long ago.  And sharing my favorite band.


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