Immigration News Roundup

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Arizona has race issues:

46 percent of Arizona adults agreed that the immigration debate has “exposed a deeper sense of racism in our community.”
School enrollment dip linked to SB1070:

Galveston Elementary School in central Chandler is down 40 students this year, and Principal Mike Henderson has no doubt about the reason.

“Absolutely, absolutely” it’s because of SB 1070, he said. “You can talk to any school within a mile radius of here and find the same thing.”

Although small, Galveston’s drop of 5 percent surprised Henderson.

“We thought we might get some families sitting tight and seeing what happens. But it’s been clearly communicated that there will be more sweeps today,” Thursday, the day the law went into effect.

Straight out of Prince William County:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued an opinion that Virginia law enforcement officers, including conservation officers, may inquire into the immigration status of people who are either stopped or arrested.

The opinion, sought by Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, comes amid a new push by the chairman of the Prince William Board of County supervisors for an immigration crackdown in Virginia, on the heels of Arizona enacting some of the toughest immigration laws in the nation.

  I grow corn!!!

If you haven’t seen 9500 Liberty yet, check it out.

Oh yeah, and this:

Jon Kyl calls SB1070 ruling wrong, calls for repeal of 14th Amendment:

The Senate’s no. 2 Republican didn’t place himself on the extreme wing of his party’s stance on immigration policy. Rather, he joined what is a growing movement that could very well shape the official policy planks of the GOP.

There are already a number of Republican officials who have preceded Kyl in calling for a reworking of the country’s citizenship laws. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has proposed the piece of legislation that would repeal the 14th Amendment; he is joined on the House side by Rep. Jack Kimble (R-Calif.).

An aide to Graham said that there had been no formal dates set for hearings or the bill’s introduction. “Senator Graham threw this out there on Fox News and it is something that he has been talking about in South Carolina as well,” the aide said. But there was growing talk and legislative activity around the concept.

Lindsey Graham To Deport U.S.-Born Heathens:

In 1898, the sinister liberals on the Fuller Court ruled that Wong Kim Ark (pictured), who was born to Chinese parents in San Francisco, was by virtue of his birthplace and the 14th amendment a U.S. citizen, despite laws that said that Chinese people couldn’t be citizens, because, come on, Chinese people. Wong thus became the first “anchor baby” (or, since his parents had long ago returned to China by the time he filed his court case, an “anchor adult”), and ever since, hugely pregnant women have desperately climbed our shoddy border fence so as to give birth to a tiny brown U.S. citizen. Who will stop this chaotic state of affairs that has so afflicted America for the past 112 years? Lindsey Graham will stop it!

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