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SB1070 Injunction Hearing Follow Up

1.  I thought it important to point out the significance of the Harry Hughes interview.  This is the guy who “patrols” the border with fellow nazi J.T. Ready and detains people.  There have been reports of migrants shot by “unknown assailants in camouflage” and I’m just going to leave it up to you to make your own judgements.  Links to sources provided in previous immigration related postings.

2.  Here’s an article about those 7 protestors.

3.  Judge Bolton will not throw out the whole law, but will stop some of the sections she find issues with.  We don’t expect that to be very many, but she did say this about one of those sections:

The other part of this section of the law that was addressed was the portion that states that any person arrested must have his or her immigration status determined before he or she can be released.

Bolton asked Bouma whether lawmakers really intended that anyone arrested, regardless of his or her legal status or whether the arrest involved citing and releasing someone on the spot or booking him or her into jail, had to have immigration status determined before being released from jail.

Bouma gave her several different answers at different points in the day.

He first said that U.S. citizens don’t have an “immigration status” and therefore SB 1070 wouldn’t apply to them. He also said that part of the law was intended to follow the part allowing officers to ask someone about their legal status, which means it would apply only to individuals suspected of being in the country illegally.

“But (police) training materials specifically acknowledge that they don’t know what it means and that it will be left up to each agency to decide what that sentence means,” Bolton replied, adding that she had heard from some law-enforcement authorities that this portion of the law could lead to the arrest of tens of thousands of people who otherwise would have just been cited and released.

The ACLU’s Jadwat said the plaintiffs interpret that portion to apply to any person arrested.

“And that goes far beyond anything contemplated in federal law . . . or that makes any real sense,” he said. “You would be able to hold people for no other reason but to determine their legal status.”

Bouma later admitted the sentence was “inartfully worded.”

4.  Since these last few posts have been downers I’m posting music from my two favorite bands for a pick me up.  Enjoy!


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