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The Bulgarian Rhapsody Chronicles: Shaken Kebabs

Kapama, or shaken kebab, was very cool.  It was a simple dish consisting mostly of onions, Hungarian paprika, and pork.  You have to shake the pot with all the contents to get the onions to release their juices, creating  a marinade.  This was a challenge I would not allow DH to help me with.    

This is something I usually keep to myself.  I have rheumatoid arthritis.  It is an auto-immune disease that makes me tired sometimes and I usually get fatigued pretty easily, but most of all it causes my joints to swell and this can really hurt.  Most of the time I am lucky and can deal with the pain.  Other times, such as when it affects my neck and throat, I am in an emergency room getting steroid injections and major pain meds.  Since about May, it has settled permanently in my left wrist.  Some days I can’t use my left hand at all.       

swollen left wrist - rheumatoid arthritis


This shaken kebab was a victory!  I modified a cabbage patch dance move and let my forearms carry the weight of the pot to shake it.  I was skeptical this magical marinade would turn out for a strong person, let alone someone like me.  But after some shaking it was wonderfully juicy!    

Green Bean Plakiya (top left), Kapama (pork kebab), and Potato Salad

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