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Bulgarian Rhapsody: Mishmash and Red Pepper Lyutenitsa

These two recipes are my DH’s favorite memories of Bulgaria so I made them first.  His grandma would roast red peppers, add tomato to them and reduce the whole thing all day until it was a thick paste for lyutenitsa.  It was truly a labor of love.  Mishmash, he warned me, looked a lot like puke but tasted great.  While I had tasted mass-produced lyutenitsa before, I didn’t know how mishmash was supposed to be so I was apprehensive about it.

Both recipes call for roasted peppers so this was time-consuming.  Mishmash is a main dish with egg and feta [EDIT see comments] “Bulgarian sirene (white brine cheese)”, so I thought it was more of a breakfast food and kind of strange as a dinner.  Both the book and DH confirmed it could be eaten for dinner, but I still see it as a breakfast food.  Though you would have to get up reeeeaaally early to roast peppers…  Lyutenitsa is a condiment that is often used as a spread.  DH eats it on any bready thing such as toast or pancakes.  This is a little odd, but I figured it was just one of those quirky Bulgarian things.  I’m not so sure anymore ;)

I was skeptical when I saw the finished product, but mishmash turned out to be quite tasty.  The lyutenitsa was a bit off and we aren’t exactly sure about it, but I’m sure we can crack it with time.

roasting peppers
making mishmash
mishmash and bread with lyutenitsa

3 thoughts on “Bulgarian Rhapsody: Mishmash and Red Pepper Lyutenitsa”

  1. “Mishmash is a main dish with egg and feta”. Wrong, it is not feta. Feta is Greek and it is not as half as delicious as the Bulgarian sirene (white brine cheese). :)

    1. If you read the recipe in the book (page 86) it calls for feta probably because that’s what was widely available at all grocery stores, that was certainly the case when I wrote this post 5 years ago. Since then I have found a small market that sells Bulgarian sirene, It’s the only cheese our son will snack on by itself. :)

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