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The Bulgarian Rhapsody Chronicles: A Blatant Rip-Off of the Julie/Julia Project

Linda Joyce Forristal wrote a really good Bulgarian cookbook in 1998 that also contained a strong historical and cultural component.  She even stayed in Ruse while she was in Bulgaria, which is my DH’s hometown.  This, and the desire to make my husband’s favorite childhood foods, compelled me to buy the book.  It arrived in the mail at the same time my Netflix rental Julie & Julia came in so you can guess where this story is headed…  Do I have any shame?  The answer is no.

DH mentioned that it was likely no one would care about Bulgarian cuisine, or Bulgaria in general.  I think it might interest some people, but more importantly, I really want to make the dishes he loves and misses.  They won’t be perfect, but I know he’ll appreciate them anyway.  He’s very sweet :) Some of Mrs. Forristal’s recipes appear twice in the book with slight modifications, for example, many Eastern Orthodox people such as my mother-in-law “fast” during Lent and some do 40 days before Christmas.  This is not a typical fast but a break from all animal derived things – effectively going vegan for this time period.  Mrs. Forristal tweaks quite a few of her recipes to accommodate for long periods of fasting, so it appears that she has “doubles” of her recipes.  I’m leaving those out.  Unlike Julie, I’m not working on a deadline either.  That’s not how we roll.

One girl and a hellish crappy Phoenix kitchen.  Hopefully no one dies.


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