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Federal Lawsuit Against SB1070 Begins

The US vs. Arizona lawsuit against SB 1070 (show me your papers law) began yesterday.  This law is widely supported both here in Arizona and across the nation. It is difficult to be Mexican-American and hopeful in Arizona as every time a crazy new law is challenged it seems to stand up in court. Though there are two cases in appeal after the decision and one is pending in federal court one has to know there is a large chance nothing will change.  It is creepy when people you thought were your friends or you thought you could trust support these laws.  Sometimes they will acknowledge the measures taken against immigrants and minorities are severe and will hurt our communities but still support them because “it sends a message”.  Laws here seem to get even more draconian every election season, as I’m sure my readers have heard about Russel Pearce’s proposed law that will refuse citizenship to babies born in the US if their parents are undocumented and Barry Wong’s “let them fry in the heat” proposal.  I’m not 100% sure what is going on here, but it is bad.   

The only good thing that has come about from this attack on our community is the sense of solidarity, loyalty, compassion, and civic activism that has blossomed amidst the hate.  DH told me Bulgarians severely dislike knowing that another Bulgarian came to the US without inspection.  He has told me that, particularly in Chicago having the largest Bulgarian immigrant community, Bulgarians who came here legally will go out of their way to make life difficult for those who didn’t even if that means ratting them out.  I can’t imagine a community so divided and can only assume it is because relatively few people from Bulgaria come here without inspection.  This is not the case in the Latin@ community.  We do not have to be undocumented to feel protective of immigrants who are, no matter what country they are from.  An attack on one is an attack on all.  This little boy says it best:     

I don’t know when these attacks will end but I do know that we are united and have hope that everyone will someday be included in our society.   *UPDATE* The Deportee’s Wife wrote an interesting post about the lawsuit.  

Doom and gloom aside, DH and I made pozole yesterday.  My brother-in-law stopped by to have some (he loves it!) and told us the interesting history behind pozole.  According to UNAM pozole was made with human meat on special occasions such as a battle victory and a Spanish priest singlehandedly convinced the people to make it out of pork because people and pork taste the same. I’m not sure how this priest would have known that…  Sometimes I think Spanish colonists made stuff up to paint the natives as savages.     

Pig foot doesn't seem so creepy now, does it?




Unrelated: our "rustic" sun dried tomatoes turned out nicely!

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