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J’s Birthday Wrap Up

The Last Air Bender was horrible.  I guess we knew not to expect much going in, but we weren’t prepared for how awful it would be.  The acting was flat, the story completely narrated to you, and the feminism removed.  If you liked the show on tv, don’t waste your time or money on the movie.  The racial controversy surrounding the movie was valid, awkwardness abounded when you notice that Sokka and Katara’s family are the only white people in the otherwise Inuit-looking tribe.  And did anyone notice that the “good fire nation guy” Iroh was the lightest and least ethnic looking amongst dark Indians?  Shyamalan does not get a pass because he is Indian.  I’m not sure if he’s a self loather or just on drugs.  

Negativity aside, it was great hanging out with A (who had other plans for dinner) and J.  J thinks this might be his last birthday in Phoenix before moving to get a job somewhere else and we joke that it might be the last birthday of his that we are also available : )  I hope J has many more happy birthdays!  

Fettuccine and Italian Sausage


DH and J


J and I

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