Old Case Update, New Case Worries

A decision will likely be made on DH’s previous immigration case sometime in 2011 according to the old lawyer.  A few weeks ago she said the decision was likely going to come down by August, and the most recent letter from the 9th Circuit said the decision would have been made in April.  These delays, while very welcome, make me a bit nervous because I think she’s trying to buy time.  The need to buy time makes me think she knows his previous case (Case 1) isn’t going well.  She also told us that she thinks it would be very difficult to obtain the waivers we will need for re-entry should DH (and I, really) be deported.  I haven’t told New Lawyer Lady (Case 2) this, which might be important because New Lawyer Lady is the person handling our consular processing case should it come to that.    

I have said in an earlier post that I’m not quite done with my undergrad degree, which would limit our chances of emigrating to a new country.  The economic situation in Bulgaria isn’t great and we wouldn’t have many job opportunities there.  All I have to complete are Genetics & Soil Ecology and I will have a BS in Conservation Biology and Ecological Sustainability.  This would be ideal as it qualifies as a “long-term skills shortage” in countries we might be interested in (mostly New Zealand) should we have a 10 year re-entry ban.  So it is true that a delay until 2011 is welcome as my expected date of graduation is in December 2010 but we really would like to live here!    

Also, here is a gratuitous garden picture.  That’s how I roll.    

I must not have been paying attention to seed spacing. No matter, I can thin to the strongest plants later.

What do you think?

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