DIY, In the Kitchen


After a visit to Standard Restaurant Supply and going home with a nice meat grinder we searched high and low for a place that would sell us hog casings.  

We were surprised to find that carnecerias didn’t carry casings. I had a difficult time conveying exactly what I was asking for because I don’t know the spanish equivalent.  One guy told his coworkers, “Ellos quieren hacer chorizo!” And we all had a good laugh. 

Pork and Beef


We found out about Hobe Meats which apparently is THE standard of meat vendors in Phoenix with good reason.  The shop people were very friendly and helpful; a butcher even offered us a few sausage spicing tips rather than pushing their sausage.  This shop basically has any kind of meat one could desire and I am looking forward to visiting again. 

Smoked Sausage



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